Sunday, February 8, 2009

which team you on brotha

last week my redhead called me with a shocking call.

it entailed something about a surgeon he knows offering us the world thru one cell phone tower to another. well, maybe not the world to some. but to us, the thought crossed our minds that our children might not have to pay our student loans off. elated and crazed with hope and excitement, but then we thought about where he is now. he and his current doc are in the honeymoon phase of their relationship. passed the kinks, onto the bonding over retractor passing and joint gluing. onto inside jokes and respect. grooving and melding. in love they are. when you aren't looking for something and it comes right into your lap, well, i can't describe it. it's the luck you always wish for but never get. so, we took a couple of days. a couple of days to let it sink in. then got to talking, negotiating and thanking. a week later, the decision was made. the switch would be made. he went in to tell his honeymooning doc about this good fortune, giving his notice. the doctor's response had something to do with wanting to drink captain morgan's beer all night. that response was in light of an inside joke and they both laughed. the awkwardness started with s.mac feeling like he was letting air out of the tires and such. a couple of hours later i called to see how he was holding up and he said, hon, they don't want to let me go. they are making an offer to keep me.


but the decision was made.

so, now. we sit, we stew and look at two offers that will allow our children to eat fruit loops if there is no coupon. we want to be excited that we will possibly be able to buy grass seed for the home we are building within our lifetime, but we can't. have i ever told you about how we can't make decisions? about the lists we make and how we stew and stew? if i told you we have been out of school longer than we were in and we just made a decision on a house last month, would that clue you in?

my suggestion to s.mac to ease this decision making burden was to reenact an episode from "the office". we are now lovingly referring to these two docs as team W and team B. i suggested i put one name on my forehead and he put the other on his and we try to describe what label we have on the other's head. because like, how could we guess {tongue in cheek} and maybe it would shed some light on our true feelings about each job that would come out in an intense game like that {again, insert tongue in cheek}. we laughed and laughed. laughed and laughed. then, we went to look for kitchen cupboards. when we got done i said, "i didn't analyze team B or team W in there for 80% of the time."

s.mac responded with a "well, while you were looking at all that stuff and picking out colors, i was thinking about it 80% of the time."

one of us bats for team W while the other takes the team B side. they are in a dead even heat. we can't make heads or tails. or tails or heads. or, what were the choices again?

our only consolation that takes some guilt away is that s.mac might be able to convince a fellow buddy to interview for the job he doesn't take. knowing how much he loves his buddy and how much he thinks of him, it eases his guilt that they would at least be able to interview a phenomenal candidate at his departure. and if they doctors played their cards right, they might be able to snag this buddy.

so, until then, we are off.... stewing, making lists and putting cards on our foreheads, declaring which team we are batting for.....

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Happy Birthday Scott!