Tuesday, February 17, 2009

thoughts on love

my parents just got back from a week long stint in the islands that most hope to visit in their lifetime. they got some roaring deals that spurred on this winter escape.

this trip was to celebrate 30 years of bliss. i realize in this world we live in today that this is a great milestone. as one of 6 children coming from this union, i think as their offspring, we celebrate this milestone as well.

as a kid, it was not unheard of for my parents to be spotted at a local make out point on their designated date night. every week, my dad courts my mother. every week of my lifetime i can remember this practice going on.

they haven't tripped often. only leaving for a few overnights here and a 3 day trip there. they've stayed close and have strong feelings about leaving kids still at home for extended amounts of time. after all, their strong desire to do their part in the world of parenting still leaves them with two adolescents needing their time.

for 8 glorious days these two escaped the perils of winter and sipped tropical drinks and soaked up the sun. my mom commented that every winter filled with flu, fevers, coughs and doctors visits were worth it for those 8 days. they had an amazing time, coming home like 2 teenagers in love. after all their love was fueled and founded in the crazy years of high school. there are pictures of "i heart jani and i heart bill" so beautifully sculpted in the sand from this bliss filled trip.

my little bud "e" spent the day with his grandpa saturday. running errands and topping it off by playing a rousing game of something technical on the Wii. as we were going thru our bedtime ritual on saturday night he looked and s.mac and i and said something to the effect of the following:

did you guys know that my grandpa has been loving his jani for over 30 years? he's been loving her for longer that you {pointing to me} have been alive mom. that's a way long time you know, to love someone.

my heart melted. and instantly my gratitude to parents, who stuck it out thru the hairy times that we sure to plague parents with 6 kids on one income, was flowing over. they felt strongly about a mom at home to nurture and raise little ones, there to greet them from school with a warm home, cookies on rainy days and a hot meal at
5.love lacing all of the memories i have as a child. my dad always told us that the best gifts as parents they could give to us kids was their love for one another.

how do you thank people that sacrifice so much to make you feel loved in this crazy world?

maybe make a tradition of sending them to the tropics each year.....


Veronica said...

Love your tribute to your parents. I say amen to everything you wrote. So happy they could get away for a vacation together. Those are treasured times. Hope you are well Heidi! Tell Scott hello.

Coty said...

That's just flat-out precious!
...makes me really look forward to the big 30th Anniversary.

Ashley J. McFarlane said...

They definitely deserved that trip, more than anyone!
I always told myself that the boy I marry must have a normal, loving LDS family with two parents who really love each other so when I met you guys I knew I had come home. I am so grateful to be a part of such a wonderful family now!
I love what E said, he is the sweetest boy there ever was.
Thank you again for the birthday gift, I can't wait to use it!

erin said...

i can't think of a more deserving couple. i've remembered that your parents do the one date per week thing... now that i have only one child i can see that is no small feat.