Monday, August 8, 2011

because she is the best!

i love being related to such an amazing photographer...

here is the link to see our family photo shoot.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

if you haven't, you should....

tune in HERE to read:

they are hilarious. and not the seriously so blessed funny, but why utah mormons are funny hilarious. my mother found them and was falling off her chair laughing at their funny take about being black and mormon.

i appreciate the concept of every mormon gets to be their own kind of mormon. i feel like i am in the new haven first ward when i read this blog. happy reading.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

threat level: two

it's that real mischievous look she gets to her.

her hair has caused us many tears. i have let my standard for hair fall low with girl number two. her scalp poses sensitivity that i can't wrap my head around. i look at the scalp, she cries. i talk about combing her hair, she cries. i lather it with moroccan oil, conditioner, and don't comb until it dries to no avail. yesterday was a pool day and i insist on the girls hair being up out of their faces for this venture. because of disney's tangled, they are both determined to swing from their own hair. so the pool with rapunzel like hair can be ahem, hairy.

while braiding ever so gently, she yells out with a red face and tears pooling in her eyes:


well, you better believe i was more scared of this tactic than the whipping threat. threat level red, level red i declared.

a hug and some funny jokes quickly remedied the scalp sensitivity and i was able to finish our pool braid. it might behoove me to go take up some karate myself with thoughts like that brewing in her head........