Monday, April 19, 2010

over heard

tonight i was rocking in my chair listening to the sounds of my house. bed time.

the best part of being a parent is when you can let go and play. pretend to be someone else with your kids.

tonight scott channeled his inner gangsta and was affectionately known to the children as "sca dawg". they were pretending to have a flat screen tv (our poor kids, we live in the dark ages), i touches, and watch a game on tv. he was throwing out verbage like fashizzle, skiz. he was abbreviating, nicknaming and the kids were eating is up like fresh berries in milk. hesitantly at first, not recognizing this new found character. he doesn't let down like that very often, he is pretty straight laced you know. i have asian days where i will play polly pockets as ann wong. or some days i come as billy brittish. it's silly i know. tell me we're not alone.

growing up my dad was quite animated with his characters. one time he came as geneveive the babysitter. he had cat eye glasses that had the glass gone with crystal gale's eyes put in eye slots.
we weren't quite sure what to think. nor were my younger siblings when he came as lily for a tea party. he dressed up in a lovely house dress with a nappy wig and had tea parties galore when they were babes. they were mesmerized with "looly" as they referred to "her".

it's important to be silly with your kids. really important to remember what being a kid is like. jumping into their world. i think i was 5 when geneveive came to babysit, and my younger siblings still talk about lily. it leaves a mark.

as i was listening to "sca dawg" tonight playing with the kids, talking like he was a remote controlling, sports watching fanatic, the thought crossed my mind that i should go join them and make up a gangster name for myself like "h mac nugget" or something fashizzle (that means cool). but then the overwhelming feeling came that i should try to somehow record this in my memory. it's all i will have of it, the memory. listening to how easton pretended weber state was winning the game they were watching on the "flat screen", or how ella was busy making, making, making for them. snacks, drinks, nachos.

so glad for these silly memories. so glad they are mine.

signing off for now,

ann wong

Monday, April 5, 2010

a memorable conversation

mountain man brother of mine called me last night to inform me of the message my grayce left on his phone.

"cam, this is grayce. my mom is pregnant. they just told us today and apparently she has known about it for 11 weeks! i think my dad was in on it too because when they told us, he had the video camera going."

we gathered them round with a lovely golden egg containing one beautiful ultra sound picture. we told them it was an egg the easter bunny forgot (we do our hunt on saturday). they opened the egg and grayce asked with a very eight year old voice why on earth we would put an ultra sound picture of one of them in an egg. scotty told them to look at the date on the picture. it read 3/16/2010. she loudly declared:" the third month, the sixteenth day 2010, YOU'RE PREGNANT!"

i was very impressed with her excitement as well as her ability to recite the day!

info. 10/24/10
sick as a dog and know it is worth every second ;)
we are incredibly happy, and weepy. this is very anticipated good news.