Sunday, August 30, 2009

happiness is....

wedding festivities.....

2 dishwashers and one good man....

Monday, August 17, 2009

i had to email these

to the appraiser and thought you might like a peek. we are so far from settled. really. i am pooped. sick dog, home loan number 1,234,534 that just can't seem to close, gas leak, water leak, leaky toilet, s.mac gone for teachers camp and youth conference, old car died had to get another dave ramsey get along, need an unexpected $13,000 to close the loan(easy peasy right?), dirt and rock lawn sucks, juan not done painting, can't make up my mind about sending kids to charter school or public (i just want some peace about it), haven't paid homage to northshore pool, no lagoon, no cherry hills, finished life insurance policies. the last few weeks have put me under. there was a couple of hours yesterday that i spent looking blankly out the window.

but then i see a picture of this kitchen, oh mama. it just might be all worth it next week when we get thru this week which entails. an 8 year old party, a baptism, the temple sealing of good friends, temple endowments of a future siter in law, a big wedding dinner, the wedding, the reception, school starting, s.mac's new job, and hopefully our little rocky getting better. he is so sick. everyday i go down hoping he hasn't died thru the night. he got into the plum tree in our yard and ate into a pit and fruit oblivion. he is trying to pass the pits, poor buddy.

anyway, here you go.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

the hardest part you know.

for my church i have the opportunity to call on willing souls when one might be in need. our area is incredibly stable. babies are a yearly miracle, moves are rare, and we have only a few aged bodies. it has been wonderful when i have even had the chance to call upon people to help in some way or another, and also, very rare.

last week our angel lady in charge of the sisters in the area flitted off for a much needed family vacation. her son was home from a two year stint in russia and a daughter home from a 18 month stint in arizona. they fled for rest and as the angel wings left the town, we fell apart. within hours of her departure, one of the few aged bodies had a heart attack. it was very unexpected and it fell on a family with not a great family support. that is when we get to come into the picture. i called around like a mad woman coming up with a plan to save his wife's sanity. yes, indeed flo was a mess. her husband that had never been ill in all his life discovered his heartburn was the result of a heart that had 30% function. i was the first to take a meal in to her. she needed some adult company as her dinner awaited her. her feeble spirit imparted to me the strength of a 60+ year marriage. she had never been without him and was quite sure life would never be the same. she imparted to me all of her dashed dreams with this new diagnosis. i reassured her that life would go on and now, she would have an entire team to help her feel whole. we arranged lawn care, a cleaning crew, and meals for as long as were needed.

the next night our other unstable feeble bodied nora fell and broke her pelvis.
sweet as grandmas come my tears flowed freely as i called to her hospital room and talked to her and she told me how much she loved me as we ended our call. i could have sworn it was my own grandma the way her voice sounded.

a week full of filling needs, trying to think of what would make their burden light. the arrival of this weekend is serious business. 9 years of dreams are coming true as we move {for the last time E.V.E.R. mind you}. and i mean it we are moving even if it is to a tent in the back yard. with this news circulating around our acquaintances our phone has been full of kind words and deeds offered. i mean really kind. i think more meals have been offered on our behalf then when a baby is born. kindness all around us. you would never believe we are only moving a short half block away. maybe 8 houses up. but oh the kindness. it is hard to take. and that is the hardest part. taking a meal from someone when Wendy's is just down the corner and i am capable of driving down there. it is sure easy to take a meal in when you aren't the one in need. so this weekend i will be on the receiving end of others kindness. i am sure as we lay our heads to sleep in our new abode friday night for the first time, there will be a few tears of gratitude shed for the kindness shown in our behalf and that is the best lesson to be learned. accepting kindness from others.....

Saturday, August 1, 2009

being peed on

happened to me this day that i had strictly declared to be a mandatory lazy day. now, nowhere in the rule book does it clarify if being peed on ruins a mandatory lazy day, but i will say that i am on the verge of declaring that a distinct possibility. we have been sailing thru the potty training of mom really. i mean, it only adds another iron in the fire to train a small human whose "holding" muscle is really not medically capably strong to "hold it" thru tricky situations. really, mom's in fact learn to know when it is time to sit the child on the throne and cheer lead them into releasing "it". ella is quite taken with the process, wanting to be very involved in the audience of her performance, seeing everything. did i tell you my gag has been weak lately? maybe a puppy and a toddler to train altogether didn't exemplify my best sanity skills. but yes, a very weak gag from this motha. you would think after almost 8 years of mothering my own children this recent venture wouldn't bother me, but oh my friend, the tales i could tell of the gag this week.

on another note, we are moving this week. i mean it. we are.

we were going to move this weekend but then the gas company had to get involved with the leak and all. i just thought someone was having a 24 hour grilling party going on. but indeed no. a leak at our house of gas, all over. took the poor souls nearly 24 hours to restore the house back to normal. i cried when i saw my pretty house covered in yellow do not enter tape, cried a river. but i would much rather yellow tape then the stubble of black mess that could have been left in the wake of a gas leak. yes, yellow tape please.

i am barely hanging on thru this process i tell you. today, it was pajamas all day. it encouraged my red headed husband to get better. he is running a fever and coughing himself into next year. he has been running too hard for too long and it finally caught up with him. he is on bed rest i told him and the 48,965,356 people who have called needing him this weekend. he will not worship tomorrow, he'll not hang mirrors at the new house - no. none of it. he will lay in bed. now,

when i am lazy. i try real hard to live it up. not showering until night, maybe skip a tooth brushing to make it feel festive. my red head lays in bed, showered at the crack of dawn in a polo shirt. he was up early helping at the church with something or the other. he snuck out before i could grab his shirt tails begging him to be lazy. i had to sleep on the couch last night as his dr. ordered him to take some horrendous medicine causing the most atrocious smells to come from that nice husband of mine. every time i went in there i had to wear a mask and fumigate the area. poor lad. poor, poor lad. but i tell you, it could be sticky moving by myself. so i prefer a healthy moving mate. yes, indeed. all his favorite treats were fetched at the store last night to help him have something to look forward to in the midst of his laziness. wish us luck.....