Monday, February 9, 2009

i forgot......

to blogerifically wish him a happy happy day.

s.mac - you da man, i love you!

i also forgot about the humdinger of the birthday luck stories. my friend, b, reminded me today.

3 years ago i landed in the hospital causing us to cancel some reservations we had made months in advance for a birthday/valentines day combo. sigh...sigh....sigh.

turns out i was preggo with hella and a pregnancy related issue came up. they pumped me full of antibiotics that were supposed to halt formation of kidneys, bones - on and on. we had to live with the worry for months, but look now. all is well.

maybe the recollection of all this birthday luck will ward off the bad curse we have. although, the plans to go out on the town as a family have already been demoted to a possible"take out" status due to a mongo snowstorm and a baby that looks to be forming RSV. ah well, we have each other and somehow, no matter the circumstance, every year, that's enough for him!

2 comments: said...

I feel for ya, nothing is worse than sick kids. I do have to say though-I find it really strange that you have such bad luck with his b-day. Maybe on his 40th you will have some crazy luck and win a vacation or something!

Ashley J. McFarlane said...

Happy Day to Scott!
I'm sorry about the plans Heidi, let us know when you and Scott want to redeem the sleep-over coupon for the kids, we would love to have them!