Wednesday, March 13, 2013


 january can do some nutty things to a gal, but this thing might have been too nuts.  one day i had this really terrifying thought about my girls connecting their beauty to their long hair. we seem to grow hair like unwanted weeds around here, it just pops up uncontrollably. everywhere they go they get a comment about their hair.  i decided that i wanted them to realize beauty beyond what grows on their head.  i talked to them about change and beauty and about doing something great for someone else.  ella was right on board but grayce (whose hair turned a wavy mess with the onset of puberty) was slower to concede. somehow she jumped off this steep cliff with us.  Here we are, ready to take the plunge.......the girls right out of the shower, ready for change.

change is what we got! ella and i both coughed up 10 inches, while grayce left us in her dust...she came up with a whopping 14 inches!

grayce and i were on our way to new beginnings, hence the fluffiness ella was mad she didn't have!

two months in to it, here's my feeling on short hair. ITS A LOT OF WORK.  for grayce, it's perfect.  her length is just right, ella needs about 5 more inches, that's her perfect length.  i wish i would have cut 5 inches and changed my hair color.  i can't get away with only washing my hair every couple of days.  short hair is serious, you have to have a style, and the boho look doesn't work as well.  i had gone with a darker hair color in december and it was making my poor no sun skin looked washed out.  but, like i stated earlier, our hair grows like unwanted weeds. so this is a tragedy we will recover from.  next january i will buy a new top or a new pair of jeans.....