Tuesday, February 24, 2009

how this book gets to me..

from time to time.

the whole concept of this book inspires me. i really, highly, exuberantly recommend this book. it has permanent stay on my nightstand. before bed i pick it up and read and skim and then ponder for a while. then, i pray.

it delves into how we should live life, how she cured herself from a cancer ridden body by simply extinguishing her negative thoughts. louise has made her way around the world, oprah swears by it. my mothers copy is tattered and torn. i simply stumbled upon the book and then discovered the fan club that comes with it afterwards, so accept my apologies if this is old hat to you. small, cheap - might just change the way you think.....every woman must partake...


Billie said...

I am a firm believer in this and got to try it out for myself only a couple of weeks ago.

It sounds like a book that inspired me from David Hamilton, called Your Mind Can Heal Your Body. I had an endoscopy with biopsies through my nose with no sedation--without a twitch-- completely through meditative technique from the book. Mind over body can definitely work.

Amy said...

OK so I want this book now.I'm excited to go find it. thanks for the recommendation.