Friday, September 26, 2008

did you see the contest...

my marbles won?

no, go here and check it out!

go hella......

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

to redeem myself....

okay. so the haircut.

no, she didn't get a hold of the scissors.

it was me, really. what was i thinking?

i'll tell you what....

1960 campbell soup girl haircut.

i was cutting from looking at a weird angle and not head on. i about died when she looked up at me, really. i was in fits, giggling then wanting to cry in the next breath.....

then, an image of maria von trapp entered my mind,

only to be followed by marbles.
what, you have never seen marbles, you are not living my friend.....

anyway, we are pinning and hiding the bangs for a while and hopefully before her 2nd birthday in a few weeks, they'll be picture worthy!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008

bowl cut.....

oops, we might be pinning them for a couple of days........

Friday, September 19, 2008

{love letters from h.mac}

dear mom,

i love you.

i love that you had any children after the trauma of my birth, it would've scared me spitless.

i love that you made me a hot breakfast every day of my {living with you} life.

i love that you had six kids because you knew that is what a higher power called on you to do, not because it was easy. that fills me with hope and happiness when noses are runny.

i love that you and dad instilled in us all a deep love for every living thing that surrounds us. it helps when a stress free escape from this tired momma is needed and i can feel happy enjoying a tree.

i love that you cooked a meal every night and had it ready by 5:00, that made me love food and appreciate how much you must have loved us.

i love that you never try to sugar coat anything, even if it doesn't make me happy.

i love that when i almost married someone other than s.mac, you didn't say a word and let me figure it out myself, even tho it was painful.

i love that you taught us fierce independence, even tho i come over and call a lot......

i love that we can laugh ourselves into a spitting, snorting oblivion. i love making and hearing you laugh.....

mostly, a letter can't express all my love and thanks, but a shot in the dark is better than nothing at all.......

much love,


Thursday, September 18, 2008

6 quirks....

really? okay. brooke tagged me, and so i will impart.

{6 quirks}

* i am sentimental to a fault, hence crying when i think and old house won't have an appreciative owner. my gma helen says that's okay to be so sentimental. anything means everything to me, and i am proud of it...

* i am scared spitless to have another baby, really, spitless.... {i don't know if i'll make it thru, and the other part of me is desperately baby hungry, not enough yet mind you}

*i am pretty lax on a lot of things. i am really good at prioritizing and saying, this is totally not worth ruining my day over, sorry i can't go to 49 things today, and i don't feel guilty about it.

* i waste endless amounts of time thinking about the SLR camera i will never own. canon or nikon?

*i ponder if i will work when my kids grow up and wonder what i want to be, a lot. i would love to teach but worry i will be burned out, maybe hair, hmm i do love photography though? i think about it all the time.....

* although i am constantly propositioned to go into the food catering industry, i will NEVER do it. well, not on anyone elses terms. i cook with so much love, it would have to be appreciated, A LOT. possibly a small cafe with limited hours, just to keep me happy when the kids leave me. but, no dinners, no receptions. i only cater for those i love. so, there you go. i give a killer shower and paige, maybe your reception and/or wedding dinner......... {it pays to be my friend, i will fatten you up in no time}

13 years ago......

if you would have told me i was going to have 3 kids, i would have cried in unbelief.

true story...

many of my young years being told {miracles of mighty means might all work together in your behalf and grant you one little babe.......}

in the early years of motherhood, every day was such an experience for me after spending many days thinking of being without....

but since the last grand entrance of my little hella, there are days my mind can't recall being stricken with thoughts of being barren.......

i have been reflecting and trying to change my burdened attitude of parenthood......

i think sometimes when you are in the depths of diapers, shoes {who knew shoes lost and found could cause such extreme highs and lows from a mother?}, unwanted meals, tears, fits and baths it is super easy to loose sight and hope from things like*

*tying their own shoes
*doing their own hair
*cleaning themselves in a hygienically acceptable manner
*getting their own meals if mandatory
*cleaning the dirty toilet

and on and on.

thoughts of future tasks conquered from my kids bring me extreme highs and then the lows to accompany, like*

moving out
grand kids
discovered strengths

such a journey, parenthood, and~{ how lucky am i that three are in my life right now }

i will gladly take what i can get.........

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

so proud....

of my winds of love.

she is so grown up.

today, i got to listen to the kidlets as i laid in bed {with a migraine, blah}. i was in bad shape and knew that she could handle things.

it was such a warming thing to hear her get hella some lunch, change her diaper and get her dressed. okay, the dressing part was hilarious...... because, my little hella is a fashionista. she must pick it out and no matter if you line up 49,0000 million outfits in a pretty little line, she yells, "on, ON, ON" and throws a fit until you let her pick what she wants to wear from the pajama drawer. winds of love was so patient and loving with her. lifting her up to see everything in the drawer until she settled on 2 mismatched items she loved and squealed with delight to put on.

and who knew a 7 year old could change a diaper? not this mom. and she did draw the line at a dirty but was happy to do the damp removal. and you know....

as barney and friends as this sounds, she was so happy to help. i thought from my sick bed about the whole concept and felt warm and fuzzy for a minute and said, yes, everything about this is right. the end.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

saturday bliss......

is getting a call from a friend informing you of a local home show going on.

not a new house to grace this show, no siree. only my most favorite kind...

yay, now let me impart what i loved, come along if you like....

the owners of the house we are recreating let us in!!!!

the entry had me at hello!

the shutters, the wood detail......mmmmm
that perfectly round BAY, OH MERCY!
the creeping chimney
those perfect dormers...
okay, now onto the heritage home show, sorry, i got side tracked....

i love a good built in.....
isn't that crown fancy? i was drooling...
everyone needs a pretty yellow door with some bead board in their cooking space..
we loved the woodwork and detail in the dining room....
aaaahhh, and open airy stairwell.
large jetted tubs are for the birds! we all need a claw foot tub to unwind with at the end of the day!
a copper kitchen hood send me into weepiness....
open exposed beams make me want to sing an opera~!
pretty rounded windows are so comforting.......
i love built ins, i love them, i love them......
okay, you are getting me started on the quirky room lines...........
another sitting window, the good books that have surely been read there...
and the built ins below the window seat.....
the lighting is dark, but i love the 3 windows above the kitchen sink....
built ins, built ins, built ins....
pretty roof lines and that blue, happy spot.
pretty metal flower boxes that say "WELCOME"
pretty bay windows and plantation shutters, let us all partake of plantation shutters..
the end. thanks for coming along. are you weepy? i am.....

Monday, September 15, 2008

got grunt?

no, well some people on the first sunday of every month do.

it is a joke among some people i love who will remain nameless, ahem.

but, it is a problem I think a presidential candidate should address.

in our church, once a month we fast for 2 meals, then donate the money we would have used for those meals to the welfare fund to help families in need. this is a wonderful thing, and it is a good for the soul practice.

but, coming with it is something never spoken of on sunday, and....

it should be.

when you wake up in the morning if you have any fries in your happy meal, you brush your teeth, right?

and, if that doesn't help because you have halitosis, why then, you take to the altoids, the wrigley's, the spearmint or for pete's sake eat a mint leaf!!!!!

because when you don't, you get the grunt. that is what it smells like, GRUNT.

so, please people, save yourself, save others and get a mint, STOP GRUNT BREATH!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

a burning inferno....

happened at my brothers wedding. a very exciting wedding might i add. i mean, it was the first in my family since mine, hello, there are 3 kids involved now or something. anyway......

my mother had instructions. a brown dress. a brown dress for the mother of the groom must drape your body to make all our dreams come true....
{and they did, you can see it here}

it seems simple enough, but not to my mom. no, she knows every strength and weakness on her body. she knows exactly where to shop and what to buy. she always looks great. unfortunate that i didn't inherit that like to dress up and look nice gene isn't it? anyway, i am working on that.

bill the dad took her shopping every saturday from the announcement of the engagement.

h.mac the daughter and paigey lou took her cyber shopping to every cyber shop possible.

ash the in law suggested every shop from here to space trying to find what she would feel her best in.

in fact, i bought a brown dress just because i had looked at every brown dress ever to grace a machine and felt the need to be in brown....

and then...

{finally} she found something. she wasn't head over heels for it mind you. in fact, she was keeping it as a stand by unless something else grabbed her and wrestled her to the ground screaming {mother of the groom, mother of the groom}!

mind you, nothing else did.

so, the day of.....

my mother and i didn't get the picture orders right. no, we were dense as to the fact that we needed to be dressed on the temple grounds in our appropriate attire, so we wore regular sunday best. suddenly realizing our oversight, we rushed in to change making everyone wait, sorry.

the day wore on and my mom received more compliments on her dress i tell you. it was really beautiful. as we were winding down the day, we were sending the bride and groom off with some sparklers in a little arms raised tunnel for them to walk thru.

now, by this time, my mom has decided she really likes this dress, yes, it was a good choice she thinks. maybe i will wear it again.

this thought was quickly extinguished when i heard, "the mother of the groom is on fire!"

yes, in our sprinkler tunnel splendor, a stray spark flew into her arm, burning every part of the sleeve it touched. hole after hole as a glowing red ember smoked its way thru her new found fashion statement. we were expecting tears and sadness to cover her face, but instead, incessant giggles from her, me and all who were in on the fashion saga..........

bent over, giggles and giggles, slobber and eyes watering.......

Thursday, September 11, 2008

{love letters from h.mac}

dear co-parent,

i love you sister.

you are who my kids call mom when i am absent.

i love your grandma norma instincts that endear you to every child that comes within 10 feet of you.

i love how anticipated your arrival in our family was.

i love that we shared that big huge bed until i up and married s.mac, even though you peed the bed sometimes and i always said "oh hell paige".

i loved your crooked little eye and cute glasses as a baby and love your pretty patch free eyes today.

i love that you were worth every day of the 16 years i had to endure 3 brothers before i got a highly anticipated sister.

i love that you will have 10 children one day {unless of course my darlings have scared you senseless} and that i will hire a nanny to pay you back {c'mon i'll be worn out by then!}

i love your beauty, your beautifully lit eyes make me happy.

i love that in all the pictures i had of you, i never, ever found you alone, always like this....

much love,

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


a coupon class, here at my house with the world's genius on coupons.... HER!

next thursday night at 7:00 P.M.

come near, come far - JUST COME!

email me directly to let me know you are coming and spread the word too.....
{ i have a good large gathering space }

i know i have spoken of the power of coupons before as a great way to get your food storage and such but there is also an extreme high that comes with it too....

{even if you are a lurker and have never met, there will be no better place to meet}

see you there,

p.s. there will be a grocery give away that will boggle your mind as well as some FOOD!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

{love letters from h.mac}

dear mountain man,

i think you are rad.

you have been the funnest friend and best compadre an older sister could ask for.

i love how you love the mountains and how happy they make you.

i love how you flew across the country to visit my lonely family many times.

i love that even though hella was so sick in this picture you still wanted the picture despite the screams and face smacks you received.

i love that you love my kids into a silly oblivion.

i love that when you were innocent and unknowing you let me drag your diapered bottom around the house by your ragged little ankle. {oh the fun i had}

i love how you would always insist on your top button done up all thru jr. high.

mostly brother, i love how we are still friends. thru the thick and thin of life, we still like each other and enjoy being apart of one anothers lives...

much love,

Monday, September 1, 2008

don't you think...

these items would be so classy....

{dishwasher below}

in this kitchen?

yep. so do i!