Wednesday, February 18, 2009

the tooth fairy chronicles

as "winds of love" has been loosing her teeth like they are going out of style, each night time pillow placement got more and more complex on the tooth fairy's part. one night she was at a friends house having a sleepover and we had to slip the 8 quarters in a baggie with a note, hand it to the father and then give explicit instructions on placement and the answers to the questions surely to be asked by this inquisitive gal.

then, another one, days later and there waiting for me was a note. usually i slant my writing and leave her a note - she took me by surprise by leaving me a note, asking if the tooth fairy could be her pen pal. i responded with something like, i would love to find you a pen pal. in her best 2nd grade reading skills, she somehow took that as yes, i will be your tooth fairy pen pal.

so, the notes began. she has hid some of them and taken others to school, drat it all. but, the ones i was able to snatch away from the clutches of her hiding spots, i did. and now, i impart....

to: tooth fary from: "winds of love"
I've ben wondering Are you the olny tooth fary? Some time will you stay to let me see you? sincerely, "winds of love"

dear sweet "winds of love",
i am not the only tooth fairy. there are many, many tooth fairies. we have a lot of teeth to collect. even with magic it is hard to get all of them. i am YOUR special tooth fairy, assigned special to you. only fairies can see other fairies. kids don't have enough magic to see us. babies can see us because they can't talk.
love, the tooth fairy

then, in between these 2 letters, there were inquiries about a name to which i responded with "noree" {that is what hella's name almost was} and what are your friends names. i told her esmay and tiki. she asked what fairies and their friends do, i told her they play games like ant, ant bee and poke the dot. she asked what i looked like and i told her light brown hair with green eyes. she asked me for a picture of myself and i told her fairies turn invisible when the flash goes off. somewhere in the mix, i received a strawberry under her pillow with a note attached. she told me they were her favorite. i told her thank you and that the strawberries grow much smaller in fairy land, that i would be full for a week.

If I don't talk can I see you? do you have more friends that 2?


silly "winds of love",
my name is noree! you are so funny. i have lots of fairy friends. some other friends names are ginny, petra and ebbie. i wish you had enough magic to see me! maybe you could use your imagination and draw what you think i look like.
love, noree

sorry about last night how i spelled your name rong it's just my grandma's name is loree (correction LaRee)
love, "winds of love" p.s. my name is triky

that's okay. that's cool your grandma's name is like me, wow! and we get married in fairy land when we're 1 million years old. we live for 3 million years. love, noree

How old are you? I have a sister named Hella and a barther "bud 'E'


that's cool. i was wondering what their names were. i am still pretty young. i am 747,707 years old. i have a ways to go before i am married.

and that has been that. no more communication from the depths of the underside of her pillow, but can i tell you a little tidbit?

while all of this was going on, something inside my fairy eyed girl sparked. i was inside her deepest thought process. we were on the same level. she was up early every morning awaiting her response. telling everyone the newest information gathered. the notes were the hit of the playground being passed around to anxious and curious girls.

the most latest happenings on the fairy front are from their mothers, calling me. and we giggle and giggle at the innocence and the edge at which their childhood innocence hangs. one poor little girl left a note for the tooth fairy and it went unanswered. this poor mother wasn't hip to the fairy happenings and her little girl awoke to sheer disappointment. once her mother was informed by another mother as to the pending fairy issue, these concerns were resolved.

it made me happy to be a mother. the older my fairy eyed beauty gets, the harder i find it to relate to her. it's not rattle shaking and tickling anymore. counting books and the abc's no longer spark her interest. i feel a little sad some nights as i review my day, what could i have done better, more. being the fairy friend was the closest i have been in a long, long time to my "winds of love". my happiness came from thoughts she had of friends running in a circle playing games, waiting to be married and waiting for teeth to fall. it helped me in my quest to figure this parenting thing out without going insane, and i think tonight, a new note will be left to pick up right where we left off.....


kate said...

that is so sweet. childhood can be so magical, and i'm always looking for ways to help my girls' childhood be that way. thanks for the inspiration!

The Ballard's said...

How adorable. What a memory.

Coty said...

Oh the magic, the MAGIC. It's the best best best part of being a child. As we grow, and "learn" ..we never forget that feeling...and wish to invoke it in our young ones.
Oh the possibilities....

Good mama skills.

Brooke said...

that is so sweet. one day you both will giggle over the memory of this.

Carrie said...

That is really sweet!! I love all of her little questions! I am so glad this is a way for you to connect with "winds of love." I often feel the same way you do. My little Bruce is growing up and it is different. I can still love and tickle my younger children, but as Bruce grows up he is not interested in that as's more about talking with him about his days, what is going on at school, and doing homework with him. It is sad to see him getting older.