Wednesday, January 4, 2012

a few items of note...

i have been reluctant to finish the recap on the trip to NYC because i don't want it to be over. i kind of like having something to hang on to. but then i have a bunch of useless/interesting facts that i need to blog about.

even tho the weather is warm, we have gladly held the sick and afflicted torch high.  someone is always down with something.  i am pretty sure rowan had chicken pox a few weeks ago, but he also has been covered in molluscum since we went to the magic kingdom last march, so i passed it off as another brutal attack of this wart family virus that lasts up to 18 months.   as i talked to the doctor today, he confirmed, it probably was the pox.  he has had every little thing the kids have had, plus we have discovered allergies to nuts and dairy.  yay for me.  we get to make a visit to primary children's at the end of the month.  it took us six weeks of crying it out at nights to sleep train him(we go in at 5,10,15, and 20 minute intervals as suggested by our pediatrician).  my pediatrician said we both deserved large medals.  he also reassured me that although his weight has dipped significantly, there is plenty of fat to keep the worry at bay.

{this is my baby sporting his love of candy canes}

ella marched down the stairs rather sluggishly this morning and announced that she was sick.  when i asked what was wrong, she said she felt like an old lady. that would indeed give merit to body aches.

i have a sinus something or other without any runny nose.  i am dizzy as can be with pains in my sinuses. i do the netti pot and find some relief. it is so strange.

easton turned the ripe age of eight a few weeks ago.  he is going to be baptized saturday and also went to his first boy scout meeting.  i have never seen a boy so proud of a bird feeder. he also got sick halfway thru his birthday party.  he decided every friend within a 10 mile radius should come cheer for the wildcats with him.  after all, they are sporting the number one point guard in college ball in the nation.  we feel lucky to have season tickets, go WSU.  anyway, halfway thru a piece of pizza he was sure he was going to loose that piece to the dreaded and much circulated stomach bug.  good news, it was over after a day of body aches and NO vomit.  happy birthday buddy.

also, rowan has thrush and easton fell down the stairs the other day.  the all wood stairs that scott fell down last year and i laughed myself into a vomiting fit.  i did not laugh at easton.  and grayce was home today with an achy something or other that i am sure we will recycle 4 or 5 times before valentines day.

the good part about being a mother now for ten years is that i get to enjoy this refining fire.  vomit doesn't put the fear of god into me like it used to.  it's part of this stage of life.  it's going to happen.  ella has needed only one round of oral steroids,breathing treatments, antibiotics this season.  compare that to four years ago when it was EVERY SINGLE MONTH and i can see the light at the end of the tunnel. the end of the tunnel has tulips, and sunshine.

there you have it. a post of useless/interesting information about our winter cold/flu season.