Tuesday, February 3, 2009

wanted: a pen pal for...

this cutie petutie

because, the tooth fairy,ahem, pictured below,

received this love letter from her tonight under her pillow :

dear tooth fairy,

what is your address? are you a boy or girl? will you be my pen pal?
love, "winds of love"

the above pictured fairy responded with the following:

dear "winds of love",

you are loosing these so fast! wow! be careful eating, it is getting more tricky. i am a girl fairy. we don't have mail in fairy land, we just have magical bells that ring messages we understand. i would love to find you a pen pal though. i will leave the name under your pillow tomorrow night.
the tooth fairy

i am hoping someone can help us out? i remember having a pen pal in the 4th, maybe 5th grade. it was wonderful. i want for her and she apparently wants too.

a girl is our only term......


The Ballard's said...

SHe is a cutie patutie. I hope you find one. What a hoot.

katherine said...

i have a niece in CT, who is 8, she'll be 9 in Sept. and i bet she would be interested. let me know if you want me to pursue it. ps, your hair looks great!

Kasidy said...

unless for are looking for someone who lives a little farther away, my little sis is 9 and i'm sure she would love it! If you can't someone better, let me know.

Lori said...

oh i would love to offer my cute little Jaylee but she still struggles in the writing department. blast.

actually, my niece Gracie lives in SLC and LOOOVES to write letters. she's super cute too. i can ask her mom if you want. :)

emily ballard said...

Pen pals are the best way to get kids to write! But Rachel wasn't patient enough waiting for the return letter from just one pen pal, so she got a few of them to keep the mailman coming more frequently.

One of hers is from Australia. As exciting as it is, I would recommend (at least one) domestic pen pal. The wait between letters is much shorter and you won't find yourself making as many trips to the post office for international stamps.

My cousin's daughter in Alaska is probably about the right age, if you're interested.

P.S. I just missed you guys last night. Too bad because I was just telling Steve we need to get together.

emily ballard said...

I'll pass your idea onto Steve. . . thanks!

troy and melani said...

either of my boys would love to have a penpal as well, if you are into a male penpal!!!! heheh