Wednesday, July 7, 2010

10 years

yesterday we celebrated a 10 year milestone in the marriage department. it was very exciting. the milestone you know. big things for the ten year, right? no. not in my current state. i could've stayed home all day and enjoyed this phase of being a homebody, really. i am so laid back right now which is so unlike me. i usually dream of some culinary pleasure to go partake of on an occasion like this but with my blossoming middle my dreams usually come true on my own stomping grounds with all things familiar.

my kind husband has caught on to this and knew to take the day off and get a babysitter for the evening, not even daring to book a restaurant knowing my predicament. we ended up at our favorite japanese place and a movie. that seemed right. although my knee was bouncing thru the movie. something about vampires. i would've have much more enjoyed reading a good book for 2 hours, but it was in the name of celebration.

with all of the homebody{ness} in mind, my gift was quite crazy. number one, we are not gifters. we don't gift each other or really enjoy being gifted. it's crazy i know. now, i do love a thoughtful gift from a dear friend or family member. my last birthday was perfect and every gift given was spot on. this may make me sound ungrateful, i just have a money spending disorder. i hate spending money or money spent on me unless it is food. there, my darkest secrets revealed.

anyway, i woke early, and found the redhead showered and dressed with a note telling me to go to the computer downstairs. as i did, all kinds of thoughts cluttered my head. mostly, i was scolding him, reminding him of the gifting issue. he just smiled. i read a real fancy note from him and then read the part about going back to seattle for a week where we spent our honeymoon. the hook, line and sinker for me was how he asked me to join him at the Rhodie cafe on chuckanut drive. see, the food thing got me. this little cafe is other planet good. i can't even touch the beauty of being on the coast and eating at this place. it is heaven. and then the fact that i was trying to recall vacations we had taken in the past since our honeymoon. and i thought, yes. that one cruise, er well no. that one time we...... ugh. we did go to the wedding in milwaukee for 3 whole days and 2 nights, that was a first for us. so. the deal was sealed. i was in and i think scotty was as shocked as i was that i agreed, in my condition and all.

please don't be fooled into thinking we don't date each other or go on a yearly overnighter. we do, we do. we are great daters and are faithful to the once a year made possible by my parents christmas generosity. it is just the multiple day situation that gets me frenzied.

so in a few weeks, we will be northwest coast bound with kind grandmas picking up the slack at home. i am not taking any guilt into it either, it's pretty pathetic we haven't had a getaway since the honeymoon. i am fully aware that my growing middle will soon be a baby that will need me for a good 2 years. the no break, consume every ounce of you, two years. and, believe me, i am happy to oblige ;)

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Eva said...

congrats! We went on our honeymoon to Vancouver island and other islands roundabout...we met a couple who were celebrating their 10th anniversary. Have a great time!