Wednesday, June 30, 2010

an unfortunate side effect

in the beginning of my pregnancy i was incredibly emotional which is highly unlike me. i am not a cry at the drop of a hat gal. there were two times i cried this pregnancy because my husband hurt my feelings, my husband. anyone who knows him is rolling their eyes right now because webster defined kind after they met him. i was constantly feeling the need to cry the first 4 months. i hated it. it felt incredibly out of control, and me. well, i like being in control.

the emotions of crying have left and this odd phenomenon has taken over. just to make me feel better, i have read that it happens to pregnant women, often times in labor. but whenever something happens that would normally cause someone real sensitive to cry, a laugh comes out of me that could give a 30 year chain smoker something to be jealous about. i mean, can't stop, dry heaving it hurts so much to laugh. it happens when a deep emotion is meant to be evoked in a bad situation and instead of my normal, not pregnant, panic and concern routine, i turn into a dry heaving laugher. the laugh is contagious, for i am a sight to behold. i've noticed that whenever it's happened, the one with me is also laughing, probably at my laugh. the circumstances are usually unfavorable and, oh dang, involve my husband.

chain smoker laughing fit number uno

i was piddling for the 1,257,344 time one day when a large crash was heard throughout the house. i came out sure that someone was dead at the bottom of the hardwood staircase to find my husband holding his arm and grabbing his bottom left cheek. he had fallen. from the top to the bottom and couldn't stop. in one second i was so glad someone wasn't dead, and then to see he was walking, that's when it started. i wanted to cry or lament, do something with the burst of emotion trapped inside but instead only the chain smoker laugh abounded. i knew it was inappropriate because he was rubbing his hind haunches and giving himself an ER evaluation. i could only hear snippets of an ulnar or was it radar something or other and the possible need for a cast, then he threw in hairline in reference to his arm, all the while rubbing his lower extremity. i was following him with my hand on his back, holding the giggles in, biting my lip.

after five minutes, it got to the unbearable point. all this emotion pent up, wanting to come out in a 20 minute chain smoker laugh. and that it did. spit was flying everywhere from holding it in so long and the tears. oh the tears, streaming down my face. streaming and then the dry heaving. it was painful the laughing was so intense. of course, this was such a site, my husband joined in laughing. pretty soon i was back in the bathroom, dry heaving thru the tears and laughter, all the while thinking stop, stop, stop. it hurts.

situation number 2

last night only a few short moments after scott (this is setting a bad precedent for who this happens to) set out on a nightly run, i got a call from someone we know telling me he was with scott and a dog bit his nose.

what the .....

okay. this man then asked if i could come and get scott.

well, okay.

he told me where they were and just as i was ready to load up and go retrieve the nose, i got another call from the same fellow. never mind, would you call scott's dad and have him pick scott up. he needs to go to a doctor. my sensitive pregnant self felt rejected by the demotion but the normal person knew he was trying to shield me from any hassle at 10:00 at night with three kids, 2 sleeping and one with a belly ache still up and biting at my ankles. all this emotion taken into consideration, the chain smoker came alive. i called his dad, trying to tell him in between the giggles and laughing what had happened. trying to apologize for the laughing and blaming it on the pregnancy, i was a mess. i couldn't stop the chain smoker in me. i had emotion, it had to get out. he should've disowned me right then.

a few minutes later it was determined the hospital's ER was needed as a few more assessed the situation. i then called my parents house to see if someone could come sit at my house while i accompanied the injury and my husband for support to the hospital. the problem was, my little sister answered the phone and the laughing was in full swing. i couldn't get it out, it took bouts and bouts of laughing, pinching and dry heaving to get it out. she was laughing so hard at my laughing that by the time she realized what had happened, she couldn't understand why i was laughing. the end of this fit was coming, i could tell, the dry heaving was about to begin. i told her i would call her right back.

meanwhile my husband came home to get insurance info and comfy clothes to sit the night out at the er waiting for his nose and forehead to be stitched back to normal. the fit was over and now only occasional dry heaving i was able to conceal. i was able to see that he still had a nose but that some dog had it out for him. he was going to be okay. i also still don't have the full story. i called his surgeon last night to let him know scott might not be at work due to this strange incident, he graciously excused scott from all surgical duties to heal from the whatever it was i didn't know about. i passed this along to my red head only to find him not in bed this morning. i was with the ankle biter belly ache last night late when he got home and didn't get any info in the passing. i tried telling this to the 3 concerned callers who dialed our digits before 9:00 am this morning, wanting status updates on the incident and injury. all i could offer was that i think there was a multi-level fusion on the docket today which could mean 6 hours or 9 hours of OR. maybe by dinner i will know how his nose got involved with a dog on his nightly run.


Deanna said...

I'm so sorry about s.mac! The guy needs a break with all these incidents! I can only imagine your laugh h.mac, and I would pay money to be in the room while it was going on :-)

Linzie said...

Poor Scott!!! I too have had the curse of the chain smoker prego laugh at not so funny things. The laugh is funny and does, thank goodness, go away! I guess no puppy for Christmas this year ;0)