Saturday, July 10, 2010

ninety two

last week in my 3 hour mormon block of worship, a question was posed to the class as to a creation that testified of a god. you see, we were studying psalms, and so poetic and beautiful were the words, that the question was given to us as to what stirs our hearts and testifies. you can imagine the varied answers as many members of the class have grown up in different parts of the country. we heard beauty described in fireflies and swamps, mountains and red rock. one man made the comment that a newborn baby and the miraculous components of creation testify to him that certainly, for those few precious moments that heaven touches earth to bring this baby here, can reassure any human being that there is a god.

his sweet perspective stirred my thoughts to this lovely woman. as sweet as any baby coming to this earth, surely the latter years of a life well lived bring about the same emotions.

i was overcome with her beauty. the beauty of a life that leaves a wrinkle or two. the beauty of an evening spent with her, chatting in her backyard on a lawn chair, her wisdom overflowing. or perhaps a meal shared with her and her appreciation of the effort and taste as only one who has prepared her share of meals in 92 years can do. the wisdom of a life accumulated with trial and heartache and also the beauty of resilience and persistence to carry on. her face represents to me an unwavering belief that jesus is the christ, that god surrounds us, and that life is beautiful.

so, i declared that sabbath day that helen c. was my favorite creation. every day of her 92 year accumulation here on earth offers to me the beauty of a sunrise in the face of bounteous blessings and also the calm a sunset offers thru life's struggles. to her on this, her day of birth, i offer my heartfelt praise of 92 years well lived. my grateful heart for citizenship in a country that i love that wouldn't be possible if she hadn't had the strength to leave her country as a young woman to discover a new chapter and a new life. a life that proves that everything is as it should be.

i have immense hope in the face of life's ever abounding twists and turns that everything will be okay with the stalwart anchors she passes to each of us, her posterity, thru every trial prayerfully complete. how blessed i am to be able to claim her, my favorite creation. happy birthday grandma helen. to you i owe thanks to yet another precept and line added to my deep conviction of a loving father's creations.

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Billie said...

What a beautiful tribute to your grandma.