Sunday, April 1, 2012

while i'm not world's best holiday mom....

...i put on a mean april fool's day this year.  i hope heaven is full of laughing because there is nothing better to me that having a good laugh.  it compares to a good meal in my book.

this year we invited some guests over for a "sundee dinner" (that was the title of my email invitation). little did they know that my kids and i had been working all weekend on an april fools dinner. first off, the kids greeted our guests in robes while some of the kids were in the background making puking noises.  "didn't you get the message, we have the vomits".

for our first course at dinner, we had clear glasses with jello and fruit with a straw for effect when we told them it was fruit punch.  we served cupcakes and double layered cake for dinner which was meatloaf with mashed potatoes for frosting.  i put globs of blue dough in the rolls so it looked like moldy rolls, and for dessert, well we did what any experienced april fooler would do.  we bought loads of sponges, some brown RIT clothing dye and a package of frosting.  we dyed the sponges, dried them off and frosted them with the most delicious fudge frosting.  they really look legit.  the kids had planned out who would be served first for the brownies.  after our guests realized there were no brownies, they were confused when we told them we had some baked potatoes for dessert (ice cream rolled in cinnamon and sugar with honey butter atop).

perhaps the funniest moment of the meal came when my mother announced that grandma helen was pregnant (she's embarking on her 94th bday this year)! my mother was quite pleased with her quick whit, as was grandma.  we had a wonderful night of laughter.

all in all it was a great foolers holiday.  we may or may not have gotten carried away when we thought of the best humored people in our neighborhood to take sponge brownies to.  we had sweet ella use that magic voice, go up to the porch and say - "here bishop, we made this brownie just for you".  or "here Lorrin, we made a new recipe and thought you would love it".  i think my kids might have dribbled a bit they were laughing so hard.  then when we got home they were thinking of all the things these people might do to get us back, including and not limited to, scott's name on our weekly church program being listed as Sister Scott McKay as punishment from the bishop.  then, feeling guilt, they all resolved that we would make them our infamous s'mores brownies for family night tomorrow night as a peace offering.

i for one appreciate a funny little april fools joke.........but not the one where i had to take a pregnancy test today.

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Ashley J. McFarlane said...

It was fun! You guys really out-did yourselves! So creative and tricky, I think the "brownies" were the hit of the night. Thanks so much for having us over :)
Ok... just curious, that last sentance... Are u hinting something or is that an April fools??