Thursday, April 12, 2012

spring break, literally.

spring break is always exciting and intoxicating to me.  i get to have my kids home for a week and we get every hope up for the summer to come.  we feel the laziness of the days and the flowing summer routine starts to shape up.  playing until dark, dinner eaten outside, a fun activity here and there and no strict schedule.

it was wonderful but a bit exciting as well.  we went on our first venture to the kangaroo zoo.  i am not a normal mother. you know this by now.  i would be more likely to take my kids to a park all day and let them explore versus taking them to a structured play area.  there are so many things i fear at public play places.  mostly poop.  i have seen what can happen at home from rowdy play and i just can't be responsible for other mothers diapering.  it makes me so nervous.  i worry about the germs and what not.  so, it was with no real shock that ella turned up with a rotten case of the true blue croup.  my kids have had coughs that come and go that resemble the croup, but the full blown screaming for air and sounding like a vacuum cleaner for days.  right as that happened, easton was holding his hand funny one night and that prompted us to get x-rays within 24 hours. last month grayce complained her foot hurt and after a while we took her in.  turns out the bone was chipped on her foot and thank goodness she didn't need surgery.  so, over spring break we had croup, a broken hand, a walking boot and sunday night were awoken to a burning fevered ella.  she was sent to the hospital for x-rays as she had pneumonia last month and they wanted to make sure she was unlucky in contracting a second virus and not a complication from the wicked croup.  throw in some allergies and it was a spring break i am hoping is not indicative of our summer.  the doctor was truthful in telling me we should watch ella closely because she has had a very rough year. we need to watch the fevers.  of course i turned into a ball of nerves because no one else got croup but it turns out rowan woke up with the fever this morning. i have never ever been so glad to have someone else get the germs! really.  he woke up with a scream at 5:45 am and i rejoiced to scott that he had the fever!!!!  ella is on her way to recovery and the fever only lasted 24 hours.  but it will be a spring break we won't soon forget.


erin said...

i know the EXACT feeling of praying that your other children will come down with the same sickness so you don't worry yourself to death that the original, fevered, sick child has leukemia or something. it's totally twisted, but it makes perfect sense in my head. so glad we're freaks.

good grief, you guys have met your ailment quota early this year. i think this means you get a free pass when school and germ sharing starts up again in the fall.

emily ballard said...

your family has been through the ringer this year.

p.s. i'm quite certain that adam got strep from kangaroo zoo.