Friday, March 30, 2012

blogging is dead.

does anyone else feel that way? no, yes?

every time i write something on this blog lately, i am surely blasted away with exactly the opposite of what i was writing about.  call it humble pie or maybe a good confirmation that the lord has a sense of humor.

case in point.
a recent post of mine included my ease into the world of vomiting.  yes, i proclaimed loud and clear that i don't get quite so upset when vomit flies at my house.  i am an experienced mother and it doesn't frazzle me as much as it used to.  the next post was regarding the violence with which the stomach bug has hit us this year. all four kids went thru 6, count them, SIX rounds of vomiting bugs this winter.

example number 2.

i took it upon myself to make any mother who does not place priority on getting showered and ready every morning feel awesome when i wrote about how it is my rock.  it still is.  but my trade off is that i take a walk with the kids in the afternoons instead of going to the gym everyday.  i don't need intense workouts or whatever else other mothers do. and, i don't shop. not unless i have to. and, i don't craft. but, i was feeling frustrated with my morning routine of getting ready after the kids left for school, so i switched that up and have it done before they wake up.  it has made a HUGE difference.  the entire pregnancy with little rowan and the past year and a half i have longed for the day when i could do that.  i have been just hoping for that glorious morning when i wasn't exhausted from nights on end with pregnancy woes, or baby screaming all night.

also, i wrote recently about how if you EVER see me in my jammies at dinnertime, you need to call the relief society to bring me dinner because something must be terribly wrong.  rowan somehow got hold of that post and instead of calling the relief society at dinner time, he called the police.  the number 9 to be exact.  this is an offense punishable by having an officer come to your house and lecture the child about not playing with the phone.  i was not feeling up to par and decided i needed desperately to try and sneak some naps in during the day to get over whatever bug was ailing me.  i had myself all talked into it because i had not taken one sick day during all of the misery this winter has brought. i cancelled appointments, served leftovers from sunday dinner all day and laid down as much as possible.  it was totally awesome to have a man in uniform talk to me about the dangers of an infant dialing 9 on the phone. like, awesome. disaster house, kids in pajamas at 5:00pm, and a remodeling project strewn all about my house right there for the officer to see.  and don't worry, i have already received multiple calls about receiving the mother of the year this year;)

so, blogging just might be dead around these parts for a while until i am sufficiently humbled into writing decent blog posts.

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emily ballard said...

Blogging has been dead for me too. But then I have found myself posting more and more on Facebook.

Since I clearly can't control sharing my thoughts with the world, maybe I should switch back to blogging so only those who really care have to read them.