Thursday, December 2, 2010


time is passing too fast and too slow.

the six week baby mark is upon us. my expectations for this mark were a lot higher than what has actually come from it but such is life.

at my hospital discharge, i was sure at the six week mark a jack hammer would not be requisite for me to get into pants. also, i thought carrying around 12 ounces of milk wouldn't still be so painful and uncomfortable, or for that matter look so chubby on my frame. and for sure i didn't think that i would be suffering high blood pressure from a lack of sleep. but.....

alas. all this has come and life marches on.
and, i am still old and tired, but the upside is this:

he has the same profile all my babies have had, and for that matter, most of my siblings. he belongs, favoring mostly miss grayce lou's looks. which being interpreted is his motha. but just as grayce has he will soon develop a look of his own. speaking of grayce, here is a picture of when she had gotten little bubba to sleep and she wanted to pose as though she was also asleep.

i didn't argue that this looks incredibly incriminating to neglectful parenting. a large child such as herself draped all over such a tiny life.
i remember telling someone once that parenting is the highest high you will ever achieve, also with it are the lowest lows. i think it has something to do with the explosion of love that accompanies this job.
there is nothing better than a newborn smile, goo, smell.
there is nothing more miserable that sleep deprivation and lots of small people depending on you.
4 kids is a lot.
a lot of:
work, poop,food preparation,christmas presents,car seats,fighting,diapers,nursing,patience,laundry,mind swearing,homework.
also a lot of:
laughing,joy,love,kisses,hugs,family dinner,jokes,snowmen,night time stories,holiday joy.
and although the latter list is smaller, it is also more rich and fulfilling which somehow makes the jackhammer routine getting into jeans worth it. also, i have yet to locate my belly button, this may or may not be a problem, depending on how you look at it. and, somewhere out there are my legs, you know the one that got cut out from under me? soon enough they will return and with it will be a mournful momma realizing that her baby is growing all too soon.....


Bart and Jill Schenck Family said...

Heidi, Love this blog post! Thank you for sharing and putting many of my thoughts into words!

emily ballard said...

Oh, he is so cute. And still so tiny. I laughed out loud when I read "mind swearing". My three-year old wants to know what's funny.

Kat said...

mind swearing :)

p.s. my moderation word is "jiglyhot". this definitely means something ;)

Deanna said...

He looks like such a sweetheart. Don't worry about the belly button - you'll find it someday :-)

WE miss you guys!~

Keira said...

I too LOVE this post. And I agree Grayce looks just like you, same incredibly beautiful profile. :) Good luck with your 4 angels!

Melanie Francis said...

That pic of those two is so cute! Can you email me your mailing address please? my email is Thank you so much!