Friday, December 31, 2010


since we have been couped up in large amounts as of late, i decided to liven things up. instead of a faux hawk, we opted for an enchanting lady liberty do after baths.........he didn't think it complimented his best features so well.

also, for entertainment, we've turned to food. and unfortunately these *&%$ truffles won my affections. but i refer to them as the *$%# truffles, and of course that counts as mind swearing. never uttered aloud....

ella apparently has also turned to food. but her problems lie with the parentals being in charge of her consumption. because i told her 4 times, no marshmallows before dinner. she took things into her own hands. plastic puts hair on your chest right?

and, just to liven things up, i'll leave you with another shot of our lady/man liberty and the new couch. it only took me remembering that we tested this baby out before i was pregnant and debated every time the price dropped $100. when it got down to $499, i caved...........too many years on a student budget i tell you.

could you just eat him up? grayce asked the other day if it was wrong that she wanted to dollup him in whipped cream and eat him up. no, no, my dear. totally normal.


Deanna said...

Wow - that hair! He is such a little cutie. And That Ella is a girl after Lawson's own heart. Plastic packaging is defintiely healthy, so no worries.

We miss you guys!!

Christina said...

It was really nice seeing you guys while we were in Utah. Here is my email address,

Tammy said...

I'm loving the statue of Liberty hair. He's adorable.
Brian begs for marshmallows constantly. We used them for a game of Don't Eat Pete once (something that I regret) and now he can't get enough.