Thursday, July 16, 2009

training in action

ella is entering the world of independence with the porcelain throne. i am a big believer that you need to make potty training irresistible. i set off to the local world of wally (walmart) and bought 24 sets of princess undies, 1 bag of kiddie mix, one princess stool, 3 $10 toys for the log drop, and i could not find the little glass bottle of sanity needed to potty train a hot headed 2 year old, darn.

things are going well, 3 day 3 accidents. the log has yet to plop, but. the piddling is going great. dry thru the night and all.

yesterday as she was waking up she informed me she wasn't in need of the potty yet. i was impressed with the way she told me.

mom: elles, do you need to peepee?

ella: no mom. not yet. my peepee is still asweeping. yeah, it not awake yet.

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