Saturday, July 18, 2009

in the deepest recesses of their minds...

my kids brains are full of "bobby's world" interpretations {please tell me i am not the only one who thought howie mandel was genius in his 90's cartoon}. for those of you whose childhood was incomplete and did not have the opportunity for howie mandel to entertain you in cartoon form, i will fill you in. the cartoon was based on a 4 or 5 year olds interpretation of adult phrases and how adults explain things to kids.

i would like to write down the many bobby's world interpretations that have happened as of late around here.

helen's "pee pee" being asleep. (see previous post)

bud "e"s random announcement that someone has just died in africa. obviously he has caught a commercial about how for $29.99 a month you can sponsor a child and save them from death, because every 10 seconds someone dies in africa. his announcement often comes after he has asked randomly, how many seconds have passed?

"winds of love" panicking about anytime we use water to brush our teeth. she was on patrol for a good month when we were about the business of cleansing the pearly whites, watching us, turning off the water before we could fully clean the toothbrush. i finally gave in, asking in a nice way - honey is there a problem?

yes mom, mrs. so and so at school told us that if we waste water my children and grandchildren won't have any resources when they are grown. i just don't want my children to grow up thirsty.

and the other night as helen was singing herself to sleep, she sputtered out the ever popular mormon children's song about jesus wanting her to be a sunbeam. her interpretation involved being a sun "beep".

life is never boring here.

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