Thursday, March 26, 2009

texting testimony

i admit to be slow to jump on the bandwagon of texting. within the last 2 years i have fallen a little more in love everyday. when s.mac is up to his elbows in the operating room and not available for commenting on the phone, i can text a little something lovie or not so much. he might receive a {911}, {blood and stitches} or maybe a little {call me NOW}. then he knows in between cases, when he should be using the facilities or grabbing a snack, he should text or call the mrs.

i used to be SO against it because i thought it took the personal out of communicating. putting us back to the stone age with thx,lol,mil and other such abominable short cuts. sometimes i feel the need to doctor my texts up with periods and capitalization (what?me?) and then every once in a while i go out on a limb and throw in a...... comma. one of my besties recently showed me how to do the WORD option where this little contraption magically guesses every word you put in. i was shocked and it took going out to dinner with her and her husbie twice before i got it. then, once i did, i sent her a text saying {thanks}. we are texters, my bestie and i. we talk about trivial things like steamers and windex. we always text about recipes and food. we are such trivial talkers sometimes she forgets to tell me that her sister is pregnant or she put in her adoption papers for baby #2. hello. and then i have to call her to tell her she forgot to tell me about it because my uncle married her aunt and the family talk tree gives me the information she does not.

i talked to her this weekend about shin splints and female torture tactics that show up inconveniently. s.mac told her to call him if the shins didn't feel happy soon. i got the call monday from the family talk tree that she had been in the hospital all weekend with trauma. she gets sick fast and easy and the shin splints were aches that proved something else was wrong. here it is, days later and there are still no answers for her ailing body. and everyday, i get a simple text from her husband. today, i am grateful for texting. her husband manages a title office, goes to school full time and is trying to care for their beautiful baby as my bestie goes in for more tests and waits patiently at the hospital for diagnosis. i don't want to call him to add to the burden he is currently shouldering and she is beyond words with the pain that has taken over he entire body, requiring constant pain meds that require sleep to relieve her ailing body.

so today, my heart that seems heavy knowing what my bestie is going thru, feels a little lighter with 54 letters from the husbie. and for sure, you can believe the most springy flowers were ordered to be delivered today to give her a glimpse that life will be waiting for her once she is out.......


Paige M. said...

Oh, poor Kell! I am glad that you now truly appreciate texting though:)

Brooke said...

i hope she is ok. i know she goes through a lot which just doesn't seem right. thank goodness she has a friend like you.