Saturday, March 7, 2009

on the playground down the street...

there is a little brown headed girl who i will refer to as "winds of love". she has decided that she is a qualified teacher of the following things:

horse lesens
duck lesons
laphing lesons
tap lesons

she wrote these titles on her fathers note cards and passed them around the recess hour for a few days. she had many people interested in tap lessons. i was interested in how she would teach them as she hasn't ever tapped. laphing lesons i knew she would be skilled at and she does the most killer duck sound she figured out on a 5 hour flight across the coasts.

before i could approve of any of this, i had to make sure that she hadn't been tapping into allowance funds for the skilled instructor before i approved of such creative childhood endeavors.

when bud "e" asked her what exactly horse lessons would entail as he was deeply contemplating signing up, she told him she got the idea from her yale buddy jessica. you see, jessica handed down some clog shoes 3 years ago and this year, "winds of love" finally grew into them. she had a brilliant memory flash of her and this buddy in the clogs, running as fast as they could on the playground sidewalk and how the running in clogs amazingly replicated the trot of a horse. bud "e" was sold, well, until "winds of love" pointed out that he should under no circumstances be owning a pair of clogs. she did reassure him that he was welcome to sign up for duck lessons and she explained to him the doors that would open for him. he impolitely declined.

and so it goes, preparations for lessons here.....


The Ballard's said...

Do you think there will be any summer courses? What are the fees. My dad has horses for the kids to ride, but I am thinking a pair of clogs would be a lot less trouble.
Once I took laughing lessons from Mary Poppins, but I am sure Winds of Love is more proficient:)

Paige M. said...

Oh, I laughed and laughed. What cute kids!