Monday, March 30, 2009

the bachelorette of kitchens

don't let the title fool you, i am a very happily married woman. very.happily.

i am however on a hunt for some pretty kitchens whilst i decide what tickles my fancy. i am at that stage in the process where i have to make up my mind, you all know the pains that will ensue. it is much more fun to narrow a couple of things down than to choose one specifically. i have met with 4 highly recommended cabinet makers. i met with them all, and then i sent them the pictures i am in love with as of late and they are all bidding my kitchen. hey, that's a catchy new HGTV show -{bid my kitchen}

these are the links i sent them, sorry the pictures won't save and let me show you without a click.

numero uno, the first picture in this post.
the bar does it for me. in our new wood structure lies the workings for a bar 8 feet by 8 feet. a kitchen bar is the center of the kitchen i did decide, so why not make it the showcase of the kitchen. i love the white cabinetry with the thin 2mm solid black surface. most of all, i heart the island and the home built for the great inspiration on the shelf. i love that the cookbooks get to be displayed here. so those were some of the demands i made to the cabinet makers.

numero 2
the third picture in the above link. the one with the shelf over the 3 windows. i made my plans to have 3 windows in the kitchen, right over the sink. which reminds me that i need to go and order my sink. check. there will be a pretty plain shelf just like this one.....

and c, lastly.
this here, do you covet? i do....
i love the thick cabinetry and that overhang on the island got incorporated to the eating side of my bar with those square posts to secure them. oh beauty. i look at this picture far too long some days...the color on the walls also makes me dream of what room will be the recipient of that color....

so, bids are being gathered, which cabinet maker can make all of this girls dreams come true within budget? well, it might just be impossible, but i can't wait for my dreams to become a reality......i'll keep you posted!


emily ballard said...

I love a good kitchen. And I love the three windows over the sink.

If you want to go for a drive, I know someone with an inspiring new kitchen (and house) in Cache Valley. They have lots of budget tips too. . . like where to get an $8000 refrigerator for $2500.

kate said...

wow, the last one really does look like heaven's kitchen! hope it all comes together just how you dreamed.

Veronica said...

I agree about the bar in the kitchen...I love all the pictures you linked. I have two islands (I guess you would call them that) One has 8 suspended seats on it and the other has six sides to it with a small sink near the stove. I think your kitchen ideas are beautiful. Hope the house is coming along well. I think I know where it is and I look at it every time I pass. Good luck and let us know what you end up choosing.

erin said...

i'm vicariously living through you. i'll be a renter til the day i die. sniffle.