Wednesday, December 3, 2008

vintage love

this discovery was made as i took my mountain man brothers camera to my grandpa's house. in grandpa's final hours, i felt a deep need to snap shots of every nook and cranny of their house while he was still living.


they were homebodies, they loved their house and you felt warm just thinking about a visit.


i snapped away on this beautiful camera on one of the final sunsets of his life. took my baby brother with me. just how he left it was what i wanted to get, we knew he wasn't coming home.

click, click and click.

thru the house, thru the tears. the neighbor asking where pete had gone. it was his birthday soon, he had to be home to celebrate that. then, i cried and i could hardly tell her where her neighbor was.

so, i took pictures of the sunset from his house and wandered back in to his spare room in the basement. wanting to hide. then, i found this beautiful buffet in a corner, needing new life.
and i knew it was okay to ask, does anyone want this. i found that grandpa had been trying to get rid of it, trying to get it to the DI to no avail.

i needed this, i had been scouring vintage stores trying to find an old buffet i could redo and use for a TV stand. i am not a fan of entertainment centers, i would rather have a "piece" to house our electronics.

so it sets, in my garage.

the top layer has been stripped, waiting for me to decide if it should be white and chic, or a new beautiful stain put on, deep mahogany......


Kat said...

oooh! Love it. Deep mahogany...I think? Good luck! Please post the finished product!

Roberta said...

White and chic. I am all about shabby chic.

The Ballard's said...

That is the silver lining if there is one. I love it & I am excited to see the finished product.

Eva said...

mahogany! or you'll regret it in two years.

sherry said...

you have to keep it wood colored!!! It is beautiful. I have one similar, and I love it! It is one of my favorite pieces in my house. Keep it wood :)