Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry christmas

this week alone we have already had at least 2 feet of this stuff and supposedly, christmas day is going to give us a "storm to remember".
happily i accept this gift of a white christmas, determined to get my coconut syrup and pancake mix and toppings out to the appropriate homes. if i don't, why then what a great feast for us to eat all christmas day.
may your day be real merry and bright, we will throw a snowball for you!


Coty said...

brrr, it's like sixty and sunny here in oklahoma, enjoy that snow bay-bay ;)

ps i dragged my christmas tree out the door this morning (right after the unveiling of the presents)...who does that on christmas day? ME! it was seriously a fire hazard (hubby didn't saw off the bottom) so it dried up. i'm just glad it lasted till Christmas morning ..oh dear, totally tangential...

Paige M. said...

haha that picture is a classic-- i love it!