Friday, August 29, 2008

{oh little jimmy}

my sweet gma helen.

i love her.

she is ever calm, ever stalwart and a magnificently beautiful woman.

she has enough posterity to fill up a cultural hall on a saturday eating meat and cheese platters. i have mentioned her humor before, but i shall do it again as long as she comes up with this stuff...

my little bud "e" has her heart. i mean, he captivates her attention. whenever she is around him, she says:
"why, hello little jimmy"{for full effect please read with a proper aussie accent}

bud "e" looks up at her with questioning eyes and sits a minute and then says, i'm not zimmy, i'm bud "E"!

"why, you're not little jimmy? i could have sworn that was your name"

then, he gets what's going on and says, "no, that's not my name." and he giggles and giggles.

she tells us, now i love all the grand kids and great grand kids the same, the very same. but that little bud "e", oh, his little face. i mean look at his sweet little face.

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Linzie said...

Hey you,
I am sooo glad that you found our little blog! I think you are the friend I have known the longest!! Tell Scott I am sooooo proud of him and all that he has done, and for you for sticking in there during those times:) Your children are adorable and little miss Grace is so BIG!! She is going to give you a run for your money with the boys for sure. All I can say is beautiful is what I think of when I look at your family. Thank you for you sweet words of kindness. I'm hoping to be able to go home next month for a few weeks, we should get together. Ill keep in touch and let you know if I can fly or not:) Till then keep in touch, good friends are had to come by:) Linz