Sunday, August 31, 2008

caution {religious references, proceed with caution}

this is forewarned with much caution that here will lie my sunday thoughts from today.

{you can't say you weren't warned}

last sunday i was at the hospital in the depths of sorrow watching the man i loved dearly fight for each breath, making one minute see like an hour. his alert eyes ever aware of everything going on, which...made it harder. there was staff talk outside his room, nonsense talk of getting a car here so we can carpool and such. when i walked into the room, death was imminent. it hung like thick smog without any hint of lifting. i felt like screaming, {hey, everyone, don't talk!} he is dying, let us prepare him by turning our talk to telling him we love him and shhhhh, for heaven's sake, it's sacred in here. but....
life needed to go on. certain things couldn't stop, the staff still had to eat dinner and we couldn't all go home in one car.

that's a lot like life i think.

here, we are on this earth, given this amazing experience to grow and gain knowledge. every second should be precious and we should knock off the dumb stuff like ever watching TV or yelling at the kids or being mad because "i just mopped the floor jimmy, don't come and show me those muddy paws......" you get the jest.

the biggest challenge in life is not letting the mandatory physical body stuff overtake why we are here....

in sunday school we talked about making time for the important things and prioritizing and i laughed inwardly, thinking, aren't we here to do the important stuff?

the gospel doctrine lesson was on the 2060 stripling warriors {in alma} and how glad i am that bill the dad and i had a discussion previously in the week concerning the same story. he had gone to a {man to man} night with my little brother and 5 women were asked to speak on the story and what advice they would give if it were their son that was the stripling warrior. one mom said, i would tell him to get behind the biggest person. my dad tearily said, i just buried the biggest person i stood behind.

what a great take on this story! i am sure all of those young boys were at varying levels of spirituality, some stronger that others. the ones who progress in life find those that are those they can look up to and learn from. what a great thing when we surround ourselves with good people who inspire us....

{you were warned}

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