Thursday, August 28, 2008

love letters from h.mac

i never write the ones {i heart truly} letters as much as i should. this is sad, don't you think?

you can call me silly, but i do love the way certain people influence who i am, how i think and what i aspire to be.

this weeks is bill the dad. he is wonderful and mostly he has been on my mind a lot because of the passing of gpa pete. he was so solid thru the hard time. i know it can't be easy to bury the one who is responsible for the majority of your goodness and life's lessons.

he left me the sweetest comment in my post to g. pete and it really touched me.

dear bill the dad,

i think you are tops. i love your passion and excitement for life.

i love how you eat the food i make and tell me how good it is, that makes me happy.

i love how you shook that dorky football players hand who dated me once and threatened him with his life if he didn't have me home by 10:30.

i love that you once got a shot gun out to chase a pesky boy from my bedroom window.

i love the occasional dropping by of cinnamon rolls on a sunday morning that you offer up with a, {shhhh, don't tell anyone your dad bakes.}

i love that the love you give my kids makes them feel they can conquer hard things in this life.

i love that you love the gospel and work ever so hard to maintain the standards without putting on airs.

mostly, the thing i love about you is:
how you love my mother. it's the best gift you've given to me. it made me feel secure when times were tough, happy when all the world was sad, and mostly, proud when i knew s.mac was the caliber of man you taught me i deserve.

you are a diamond in the rough and i love you for it....

much love,



paige m. said...

ahhh! so sweet. i think that the only thing he doesn't like is the cheese and whatever roll that he said tasted like deer meet. haha

RichKids said...

I have to comment because I SO agree. I have always been impressed by your sweet dad...especially the way he adores your mother. (Thanks for allowing me to lurk.)