Friday, October 19, 2012


yesterday that sweet sassafrass ella turned 6. 6! Where has the time gone so quickly? and today, my little baby boy turns 2. my goodness.

the other day I was having a moment. i was knee deep in laundry and somehow thoughts of how good our life is slowly took over.  it seems ironic that at this time they would do this.  the house was a disaster, laundry was behind, and the kids were being fussy. fussy at me, fussy with their jobs, fussy with food.  a perfectly normal day really.

i thought about how ella's birth and first few years really threw me for a spin. i have had to take some time to recover from the intensity and give myself some credit for getting thru it.  also, give myself credit for having another baby after her.  the thought suddenly rushed into my heart so overwhelmingly of how sad i would be without having rowan in our family.  his first year was rough, but once we were able to sort through all of his health issues and resolve them, he has turned into this glue for our family.  he is laid back, sweet, funny and so loving.  i think of what he has done for each of us in our family and i am overwhelmed with his solid purpose for us.  he has healed us.  ella has further developed this ability to nurture with him around.  she can take anything in need and throw herself completely into it, little row taught her how to do that.  he helped direct her abounding energy for life into good purposes.  he lets her love and dote on him all day, soaking in and needing everything she gives to him.  easton has finally found not only another male to add to his sometimes lonely cause, but also another ball lover.  these two boys could drive anyone to drink with their love of balls. both of my boys have very obsessive personalities when it comes to sports. who knows where it comes from. my favorite thing to see it both the boys on the couch watching a game together, or better yet, when we go to games together.  rowan will sit for an entire soccer game of easton's cheering "go EE" or "almost", or "tick ball". grayce has found a little puppet to command and lug around.  she is trying to teach him new things constantly, always making sure to give us the rundown and play by play of every strand of hair involved.

Rowan is love.  he has brought our family together in a way that heavenly father knew we needed. he has a way of making you feel so loved, and so important.  he is so much like easton was at his age, with grayce's looks down to the ears.  he is always keeping us laughing too.  the other day i was changing his diaper and he pointed to his nether region and whispered "my butt".  certainly the youngest child of 3 older siblings with their influences abounding:)

i love this baby. i love how he has healed our family and added to the completeness of us. happy birthday rowan - we love you!


Todd said...

Sounds so much like what Camilla has done for us.

kate said...

hee hee! the thought of rowan whispering potty words made me laugh today. thanks. :) so glad you've got a little healer in your home.

Deanna said...

I am so happy that little Rowan is in your family. Like Todd said, we can totally relate to this and Camilla has helped me heal in so many ways. Definitely a testimony of how much our Heavenly Father loves us!!