Tuesday, October 30, 2012

early snow

last week the wasatch mountains were thrust into a week long winter fury. school closures because of the snow. it was three mornings waking up to falling snow.  because we are nestled right against a beautiful canyon, it seems our snow count is a little higher. we can be fully immersed into what seems to be a total white out, yet driving a few minutes down the road the clouds are thin and the snow is light. so, in our little world, it seemed like january's storm like weather was thrust upon us.

this early snow was all the talk.  all over the local radio, news, and newspaper.  it was the ticker at the bottom of the screen on three days worth of newscasts, and the first item of conversation exchanged between friends and neighbors.  there may have been in years past, a light snow or some cold weather before the great day of candy giving and gathering, but nothing like this that i can remember.

soon, my winter packing and de-junking was on display with no warning.  snowballs had to be thrown and igloos had to be assembled.  the routine of boot fittings, glove fetching, hat finding, and sledding took shape.  we made due with boots too small, gloves not sufficient, and scarves not warm enough.  it happened so fast that i felt like i didn't have time to sufficiently send my kids out into the winter world. on one of the days of winter play i noticed that mismatched outer gear was making me feel insufficient but was lost on my kids.
they were immersed in the early snow.

on the third day of early snow, i started getting the "depths of winter" gloom, the "we've had soup three nights in a row" feeling, and it felt like the early snow was robbing me of something. i could only think of the things i wouldn't be able to do now if things kept up as they were.  we couldn't have our thanksgiving walk in weather like this, and what about our last picnic of the season where we watch "to kill a mockingbird", and it's no fun to be bundled like an eskimo on halloween, or where are my days of autumn sun and warmth and walks in the afternoon.  i started cursing the early snow. i had put up with early snow long enough.
i had a moment mid way thru this early snow.  it was one of those moments where the hustle of my life was quiet for just a moment, my heart was soft, and my ears were still.  i could hear this lesson, i could feel this idea, i could grasp this concept of early snow.  i thought about the significance of early snow.  in my life, i have had many times of this early snow.  something happened so significant that i simply wasn't ready for.  surely, god is in the early snow somehow.  even though boots were too small, gloves were mismatched, and coats were only covering 3/4 of their arms, we all pulled thru the early snow.  that early snow has been replaced this week with perfect autumn weather.  we stepped out yesterday to bask in the warm sun and leaves on the ground. we were able to resume our regular life.  the news no longer gravitating to the early snow, in fact, long forgotten for most and remembered by only a few - that news was clear last week after all.

for days after this lesson, i have immersed myself in the early snow so many times i have had in my life. it seems early snow will never leave and as though it has robbed you of something.  i am really grateful that god is in the early snow.  he's made it up by quickly replacing that snow for warm fall days that help me forget the desperation and only the joy of that sun on my skin.

yes.  that was what the early snow brought at this house.

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kate said...

thanks for your insight heidi! changing plans has always been hard for me, but it can feel so good to just let go and enjoy the moment. i needed a reminder of that today. :)