Monday, February 6, 2012

january.....finally over.

 january started ever so lovely. walks to see the animals and bee hives everyday. sunshine. warm weather and spring longing. and then.......
 ella started with the most intense stomach flu yet. 8 hours of throwing up for 6 days.  and then easton fell.  6 days of torture.......

 and then my baby got it.  i have never cried so hard for a baby. almost admitted twice. he lost three precious pounds.
believe it or not, he is under weight.  he is barely hanging on the charts, and every ounce lost was one we worked so hard for.  he tried to stay happy, but sometimes had to crash where ever he landed.
and of course, the first night he slept for about 4 hours straight, ella woke up with a good old fashioned cold. i made them blow kisses from afar to no avail.  he caught her love.  that didn't stop a mandatory tea party to try out rowan's gluten free, dairy free, soy free, nut free (did i get them all?) treats.  they thoroughly enjoyed them.

 and today, with a fresh new haircut, he was up to his old antics.  just in time for a miserable bout of "you're getting a new tooth and can't keep anything in".  sigh.  please bless the stroller in that box he's playing with makes up for our miserable month.  it is the joovy sit n stand to be used in disneyland for a mckay cousin vacation.  just the thought of a week away got me thru the gloomy month.

oh wait, and that cute face!!!!!


Deanna said...

Oh, Heidi! You are such a trooper. Don't you sometimes wish there was a delete button and that you could just strike January from the record? I hope February is an awesome month for you guys, especially if you're going to Disney!! Rowan looks like he is full of sweet personality - I can't wait to meet him someday (hopefully sooner than later :-)

emily ballard said...

Sorry to hear about your awful January. But glad to hear you had a fun trip to keep you going. I plan trips that I never actually go on all of the time. . . just to get me through the rough days.

See you soon, I hope.