Wednesday, February 8, 2012

aging bi-polar style

tomorrow my sweet red head turns 33.  tonight i remarked that i feel 40. 4 kids, a house, a good job.  that's where most 40 year olds fall into the spectrum of accomplishments and maturity, right? i mean, monday scott is taking the boards to renew his license to practice medicine which means we have been out of school as long as we were in school. six years. yes, the maturity of a 40 year old i tell you.

now, a few things of note have happened around here lately that must be known to the blogging world. first off. i took my children to a bakery for some fresh bagels.  because of the aforementioned blessing of being out of school for six years, we can afford a nice bakery fresh bagel.  when we got in there, the soup smelled good and the kids talked me into dinner.  scott was still in the operating room, so i figured this would be ok, he might be a while.  it was around the five o'clock hour which is a wind that blows no good if you're ella.  she had a melt down 15 minutes in because i would not let her carry the tray with four bowls of soup.  the family next to us was quite taken in with our dramatic unfolding.  it was an older couple with an adult child.  a few minutes into the tantrum the woman came over to try to console ella.  i was appreciative but unfortunately ella is incredibly shy and someone else nosing in her business makes a situation even more unbearable.  after being stared at by this family for thirty minutes, the mother finally approached me.  she apologetically described their plight.  they thought i was the big sister who had just got her license and decided to take her siblings out for dinner. she was shocked to hear the kids call me mom.  i was quite taken aback.  i told her after carrying four children, i would like to look like it.  i earned every wrinkle and fold.  easton told me that this mistake was made because i am a little person.  i quipped that it was only because grayce is almost as tall as me, it takes me down a bit in the credibility department.  i would also like to give this family credit. i would be staring too if a 16 year old took our four little kids to dinner. gold medal.

only a few days later, we were lunching with my kids and mother at the greenery.  the waitress was quite shocked to learn i was the mother.  this is a compliment to my 50 something year old mother as she must have thought my mom was the mother of all five of us mckay's. my mom pinned it down to the braid in my hair, it takes ten years off she said. this makes me reconsider this whole long hair thing.

on the opposite end, last week a neighbor was quite shocked to hear that we had just entered our thirties.  their associations with us entail a religious setting and a professional setting.  all ages go out the door in that case.  seriously.  scott has an app on his phone that tells all the ages of people in our religious congregation and sometimes, not often, we may or may not be known to play, guess their age.  and when you know someone in a religious setting, age flies right on out of the reasonable department.  you know people by job, service given, visits done, lessons taught.  so it is rather entertaining to us when we are off by 20 years with some folks.  and an age upgrade in a religious setting is a compliment.  if i think you are 60 and you are really only 45, well, it's because i think you're closer to dying because you are so righteous.  really. that's how i rate it.  so i guess i should be complimented that she thought we were in our 40's, right up there with her and her almost 50 year old husband. whew.

the point of this post is to tell my good husband, that he's 95 in my book.  he's good.  he makes me better. i feel like most days i am being dragged along on his ride.  and it is a good, wonderful ride.  cheers scotty.

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