Thursday, June 11, 2009

bud "e"

on tuesday as we were kissing a family birthday celebration goodbye the more the porcelain bowl was flushed, s.mac had to take "winds of love" and go coach her baseball team. we strategically place the kids on a plastic blow up camping mattress when they get sick. it is cleanable, germs can be wiped off easily, and it also moves. being able to move a mattress where they can sleep by the bathroom always makes me feel better. i was laying on the floor next to him watching the tube and he looked at me for a while. he asked if i was sick too and i told him i was. he let me know he hopes he never gets sick on his birthday because that would be the worst ever. i told him i was going to be okay. after coming back from the porcelain throne i sat next to him rubbing his head. he looked at me and said, "mom, you are sick and it's your birthday. how about you take care of yourself and i will take care of myself." our kids are bucket trained when they are sick, and that means they usually can take care of themselves when they are sick. as the mother, i still needed to be by him until dad came home to take over. so i sat there and wondered where he got his happiness from. nothing gets him down too much.

as i was pondering this, i remembered an article from a monthly church magazine i subscribe to called the ensign. there was a great article by steve hillard talking about faith, charity, and hope. it stuck in my head and has rolled around as i have taken to heart the concepts presented. the one he focused on was hope and how we seem to think of it as something spoken and not believed in. you can hope for something but never count on it. then he so beautifully worded a poem that talked about hope being the outstretched hand that you reach for in the hard trials of life that always pulls you thru. that hand we take has nail prints in the wrist and palm. that is hope. it is that feeling that keeps you going when the fog of life temporarily distracts us. my little bud "e" has serious hope. it is his gift. it was a great way for me to see how these special gifts we all come with affect those around us. i got teary sitting by him and his sick belly, knowing that this setback wasn't going to damper his hope. he knows dark clouds will clear and the sun shines eventually.

how happy being his momma makes me, and how happy i am to get to partake in each of their inherent gifts they possess.


kate said...

you can just see it in his face what a happy little guy he is. what a blessing!

Coty said...

That's precious. What a little ray of sunshine.

ps...{{{happy 30TH birthday}}}

Lisa said...

Heidi I loved that article. Actually it is the only one I've read yet, but James and I both thought it was a thought inspiring article. My hope in things is going to change.

Billie said...

What a little sweetheart. I hope you are both feeling better!

Tammy said...

I can't believe that I got on the blog bandwagon, but it's a good way to keep in touch with all of our sweet New Haven friends. Hope you are feeling better. Your kids all have the most beautiful eyes -Just like their Momma!