Wednesday, June 24, 2009


kind of how i feel as of late. getting down to the last of this house business and not without a lot of lost sleep at night. that is all i have to say about that!

last weekend we went up to the ward's girls camp. my little sister joined my ward again this year, mostly because i force her. i like to go up friday night and camp without kids and snuggle with the redhead. we make breakfast for the girls saturday morning while everyone breaks down camp. i deliberated all week about what i would serve them. last year i did breakfast sandwiches and a yogurt and fruit bar. this year, word has got out about the infamous quiche, so i plunged forth. 8 ham and swiss quiche and danish with weeping strawberries. it was delish. i have lots of cute YW asking me for the recipe which is the best compliment of all ;)!

friday night i got there and the bishopric prepared a wonderful feast including bruschetta, a pasta bar and creme brulee for dessert. complete with a torch and all. the red head claimed it was the bishop's dinner and he was the sous chef taking directions. later that night, one of the girls looked miserable. when i talked to her she was saying that her stomach felt miserable and she couldn't walk. i asked her if it was sharp pains. she told me it was. i just had to let her know she was suffering from a serious case of camping gut. girls especially are prone to the camping gut you know. we need our own house and own facilities to feel right. plus, i am sure there wasn't a whole lot of "healthy" anything going on. i saw so much candy and pop up there. i gave her some dissolvable gas x and told her to go get in the praying position on her sleeping bag, hot air rises i reasoned. i then went to the campfire and offered my two bits to the other girls, letting them know they were completely normal if their internals were begging for mercy. they all laughed and i told them i felt their pain and they knew where to find me. later that night as the red head and i were asleep, we got a knock on our car with two girls claiming misery and telling tales of a whole tent in misery. i gladly gave them all i had and wished them happy sleep with the relief the dissolvable strips would lend. funny? maybe, but s.mac and i have been on our way to the er thinking i was dying only to have me realize i am a victim of that miserable feeling of my intestines revolting.......misery. indeed.

all in all it was a lovely weekend and we discovered that the seats that lay down flat in the expedition are a lovely way to camp. we were warm and slept as good as you can outside your own bed.


The Ballard's said...

I was simply giggling. I have had camping gut & am proud that you would expose the ugly truth. You are adorable.

Paige M. said...

it really was a lovely weekend! thanks for forcing me, it was well worth it! i love you and am glad you were able to come up!

Carrie said...

LOL!! I think I have camping gut any time I eat?? Good thing you were there with your Gas X :)

Coty said...

nothing like a good dose of girls camp (and hot air) to set a gal straight.
I hope the "blahs" subside and you can feel "you" again, soon.
hey, just think "my house is gonna be fantastic" when all the little monotonous decisions and labors are played out. so worth it.