Saturday, May 9, 2009

weekend happenings

i am a planner. for this lovely mother's day weekend we had to absolute pleasure of picking up mountain man and jewelann at the airport. what a treat! they have buried themselves deep into school and such that this last trip entailed ohio, arizona, oregon AND the rockies. hoorah! when i heard the news my mind was a flutter. so much so that i forgot to tell the redhead they were coming. yesterday when i mentioned who would be at our dinner table this night partaking of a feast, the shocked face told me we had a busy week and had only kissed in passing. whilst at the zoo with the newlyweds herding the kidlets, we sat on the bench and recounted our i love him. how last weekends escape with the two of us is being enjoyed so much this week in my memory. oh how fun it was to wake up and jet out to eat homemade granola and organic yogurt at breadstix. i was a bit anxiety ridden with no diapers to change, no scrapes to kiss and no apples and pears to peel for a morning snack. we had a hard time fully taking it in you know. it had been 4 years since we were alone for 24 hours. so, as we talked and recounted our rendezvous, i told him of all the food happenings this weekend. salmon and prawns tonight, fresh pineapple, mushroom and chicken kabobs tomorrow night. if my feet allowed, possibly a strawberry tart with fresh cream. for sure strawberry jam with rolls. anyway. it was really lovely, and here are some pictures to prove the fact.

bud"e" digs mountain man, and "winds of love" looks to be nursing from the bosom of the ape, oops....
i did pull a strawberry tart off with my thrifting cake stand find.......i am so in love, i could look at that all day. and it did taste as good as it looked....
jewelann was putty in hella's hands. and well, that is a trick hella is good at. getting people to do what she wants. why just ask the man of the house. the other night she was kissing me saying smoochies moochies mommy. and when s.mac came in to partake of this love she simply stated,"dad, you go couch, i sleep here". oh mercy, i am THAT parent to this red headed devil. the newly weds were amazed at hella. while the other two of my kids love holding hands and being close to us, redhead junior had to be 2 steps behind or ahead and would not have a thing to do with holding a hand of any ones. she screams, i mean says, i i i i I I I I I I me do it, all day long....sigh. they thought i had been joking about her personality and possibly exaggerating. no, this is my third child at 2 and a half, and the thought of the chance that another one that could posses her, shall we say "strength", leaves my fertility feeling barren for a bit longer.....
he fell in love with her first of all these kids, they are such good pals.

and of course, needing some crowning glory. she was all about any trick he could pull out from his hat. and quite literally speaking, why in his past visits she has displayed a nasty aversion to baldness. when he lifted the cap off this visit, she was still smitten with his tricks. that shiny head did not deter her begging for more of whatever he was willing to give.
what a brilliant weekend, and it's only half way over.

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