Saturday, May 16, 2009

weekend brilliance

so far, my weekend has gone swimmingly.

i joined a new food co-op and am incredibly thrilled with it thus far. $15 for 2 baskets full of food. plus. the pick up is 3 minutes from my house. learn more by clicking here. i picked mine up this morning at 7:30, it was wonderful, plus, every 2 weeks? it's pretty happening.

amongst my baskets were mexican mangoes that were so soft and juicy, it spurred on this mornings breakfast that the red head and i were especially happy with. i made a basic pancake, buttermilk syrup with coconut extract added, and fresh mango atop.

i ate while perusing the yale alumni magazine. i was thrilled when i read that they have added a cupcake cart to the mix of food carts. they have this amazing thing in new haven. at lunch time, a bazillion food carts come out and congregate to sell from some of the best restaurants for incredibly cheap. and what a genius idea these people had to add cupcakes to the mix! it made me smile this morning.

later this afternoon we are off to the renaissance fair and then get to go to the adult session of stake conference to hear an apostle speak. our stake leadership is being reorganized. elder scott is coming and the red head is so excited, we have been counting down at this house for over a month.

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