Wednesday, January 14, 2009

the root of all evil...

is in a 2 year olds mouth.

apparently it is why she has been so mad since birth, or so the dr. tells me. i took her in for her well child check up. she cries the second we pull up to the office. he has never really successfully looked in her mouth because of the screaming, screaming and kicking. but, finally.

he got a look. before that part he said, mom, how are her sleeping habits.

i hate this question.

well, in september i weened the toddler and she slept thru the night for about a month. then, she would wake up screaming, half asleep half awake. we need to touch her to get her awake and calm her down.

mom, you need to let her cry it out. this is rewarding bad sleep habits the dr said.

i smile and think, i am the mom, i'll do what i want. i know when a child is waking up for fun and when there's torture involved.

then, the fun part of mouth searching comes in.

he looks at her tonsils and says, oh my, oh man. mom we need to get her to the ENT immediately. they are dangerously big. i mean as quick as you can. she has been suffering apnea at night, not getting enough oxygen and therefore not really fully sleeping.

oh the relief. really. relief and then sadness. no sleep for 2 years, that's miserable.

so, next wednesday. hella and her super sized tonsils will part their evil ways. we just might have to rename the child. hella out the door hopefully and maybe a real nice nick name.......


Deanna said...

OH,I hope things improve BIG time for you guys once those suckers are out!! That's no fun.

Lori said...

Jaylee had the exact same problem. We didn't figure it out til she was almost 5. It makes a HUGE difference in their sleeping, their energy levels, pretty much every aspect. Good luck!!!

kate said...

oh, i hope that helps! good luck!

Trisha said...

Nothing more fabulous than to find out there is a reason for some behaviors. One of mine had tubes and that helped a lot. Another we hoped needed tubes (even though it is sad to see them go through it), but nope, he just liked to cry. Good luck with everything.

Coty said...

ugh, what a way to find out! sheesh. perhaps the tide will turn...hopefully ;)