Friday, January 23, 2009

the knowledge......

in his huge cranium is all i ever hear about. people looking at his large noggin always commenting,

"well, we know he's going to take after his daddy with a head like that."

"he's just storing all those "yale" brains up there, nothing to worry about."

well it is something to worry about. he has never measured on the charts for head growth. once we were assured he was not suffering hydrocephalis my mind could rest a bit easier. but i still worry, and then. i see a picture of my toddler father and know little bud "e" has been patterned after someone. right down to the right ear that is a little floppier than the left.

today, little bud "e" displayed his growing intellect to his proud parents.

"dad, mom, guess what i can say."

s.mac "what bud"

bud"e" " i learned to say yes AND NO in ENGLISH, wanna hear?"

{at this point i was sure he would insert spanish, sign language or something profound}

bud"e" "yes {nodding his head up and down} and no {nodding side to side}"

the pride was flowing over.........

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Brooke said...

you must be so proud!