Wednesday, September 17, 2008

so proud....

of my winds of love.

she is so grown up.

today, i got to listen to the kidlets as i laid in bed {with a migraine, blah}. i was in bad shape and knew that she could handle things.

it was such a warming thing to hear her get hella some lunch, change her diaper and get her dressed. okay, the dressing part was hilarious...... because, my little hella is a fashionista. she must pick it out and no matter if you line up 49,0000 million outfits in a pretty little line, she yells, "on, ON, ON" and throws a fit until you let her pick what she wants to wear from the pajama drawer. winds of love was so patient and loving with her. lifting her up to see everything in the drawer until she settled on 2 mismatched items she loved and squealed with delight to put on.

and who knew a 7 year old could change a diaper? not this mom. and she did draw the line at a dirty but was happy to do the damp removal. and you know....

as barney and friends as this sounds, she was so happy to help. i thought from my sick bed about the whole concept and felt warm and fuzzy for a minute and said, yes, everything about this is right. the end.

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Coty said...

gotta love those little helping hands...heart-warming really..