Thursday, September 4, 2008

{love letters from h.mac}

dear mountain man,

i think you are rad.

you have been the funnest friend and best compadre an older sister could ask for.

i love how you love the mountains and how happy they make you.

i love how you flew across the country to visit my lonely family many times.

i love that even though hella was so sick in this picture you still wanted the picture despite the screams and face smacks you received.

i love that you love my kids into a silly oblivion.

i love that when you were innocent and unknowing you let me drag your diapered bottom around the house by your ragged little ankle. {oh the fun i had}

i love how you would always insist on your top button done up all thru jr. high.

mostly brother, i love how we are still friends. thru the thick and thin of life, we still like each other and enjoy being apart of one anothers lives...

much love,


Coty said...

chubby bubbies remain just that -chubby bubbies.
when i look, my brothers face (all growed-up and prickly as it is) instantly morphs into the fat slobber cheeks i remember so fondly growing up.
on occasion though, the slobber can still be found ..when a boisterous laugh erupts from his innards...shhh, mums the word.
happy birthday to your chubby bubby.

paige m. said...

I love Ella's sick watery eyes in this pic... and how brother really did love her despite of them- and the whacks he got for it!