Wednesday, January 30, 2013

my annual trek

to the city happened to fall in the christmas months. AND happened to be very last minute.  i knew i might talk myself out of it if it was too planned out, or some other health malady would keep me.  the list of crazy things happening in my body gets longer all the time BUT things are manageable. anyhow - i held up for this trip and crashed hard when i got home.  almost couldn't participate for christmas as i somehow had a piece of calcium come loose in my ear in all the travel.  my 33 year old self had to go see an audiologist and have a classic geriatric maneuver done to get my head from rocking like i was on a boat. it was quite the experience but totally worth being in the city with two dear friends.

i feel lucky to have some cool cats in my life.  one of them willing to drive to denver to get a published round trip fare to NYC for $120.  i am not so cool and said i would go but would be happy to pay more to fly out of SLC (im dumb like that).at one point there was an issue with a fare incorrectly printed and i was going all alone (it only lasted a few hours, but i went to bed thinking that i had booked a ticket and the other gals might not be coming).

emily blogged about the trip magnificently. i felt like we had a journalist on the trip and also committed to be better about the whole picture thing.

Day 1 - click here
Day 2 - click here
Day 3 - click here

Day 4 - click here

let me give you a recommendation that day 3 is something not to be missed. look for me and that part where my face met the pavement at the famous central park fountain in front of many, many spectators.  you can see where this idea of jumping and holding hands goes wrong for someone with legs half the length of the people on either side of you.  this picture caused us many nights of out of control giggling as we relived over and over my horrified face right before it meets the pavement.

the food.  we indulged in so many wonderful things. i can't even begin to describe the food let down as i come back to my little town and feel so deprived.  there are so many good things right at your fingertips in this city.  i wonder if on any trip i take to NYC i will ever have this madness die down. it's so deep in my soul my love affair.  i am already planning my next trip.  the hotel we stayed at was an absolute find and the best kept brooklyn secret.  we were literally 5 minutes away from times square.  the free taxi service was awesome and you can't beat $200 a night thru!

i love nothing more than to be with good solid women that i love and admire.  maybe my NYC obsession has to do with these wonderful women who indulge me each year.  i learn so much from them. i am incredibly blessed with amazing women that surround me and i never tire of gleaning from their goodness.

i also had this opportunity to look at all of these pictures of myself and do some serious evaluation.  i don't own a full length mirror and also don't consider any part of my closet "in". i barely scrape by in the fashion department.  i am embracing the fact that i have short legs and a squatty body.  emily pointed out that it might be because i am comparing myself to two girls with freakishly long legs. this thought i came across last week said "comparison is the thief of joy". this has made me look at the pictures and simply embrace.  embrace the fact that i look a whole lot like my brothers.  sometimes this makes me feel not feminine.  i am determined to add some more feminine pieces to my wardrobe.  also, i am fine with my weight.  yes, it tends to gather round the nether region despite any effort i put into it, but that's a part of me. i am determined to figure out the things that i can wear that suit my body type.  also, day 4 makes me look completely like franklin the turtle and if my scarf was fashionable i would be okay with the turtle look.  however, a fleece scarf is in no way fashionable. at all.  things like that. i am going to work on so i don't get so critical and down on my looks.

case in point:

hey yo homies! bumble bee day - the salesman convinced me that this hat was chic.  i look like jerry seinfeld from the bee movie.

example #2 - hamburger anyone? i was feeling the shake shack love this day i guess, because i look like a hamburger (with dirty clothes and hair- because my luggage hadn't come yet.)

 this i submit as the dirty hamburger eating world's best dumplings. really. not only nice but world's best.

sherry dubbed this the ear eating picture, but for some strange reason, it's almost my favorite picture of the trip. emily absent is the reason why it can't be my favorite.

and with that said - this is my favorite picture of the trip. there's nothing like a real time moment such as one right before your face meets pavement to let you know what humble pie tastes like.......


Deanna said...

Looks like an awesome trip. You know, I'm hoping I can convince you to invite me on this annual trek sometime!! :-)

Tammy said...

Heidi! Your face in that last picture is killing me. I read the whole story in your friend's "Day 3" post and died laughing at the "jumping off the fountain" account. How cute are you girls? It's so great that you were able to have this little time away. I'm just sad that I was singing in LA at the time and not in some amazing opera at the Met.
Also. Your brothers must be really really pretty.

Billie said...

How fun! You need to start a picture-with-a-bridge-in-the-background collection and come to London and let your crazy cousin take one in front of Tower Bridge! In fact, I'll even take you to London Bridge and Millenium Bridge, you know, since we're down by the river. haha I'm glad you had such a great time :) Billie

kate said...

sounds so heavenly! getaways like that can do us so much good, right? new york is amazing, i can't wait to go back. and i guess you're one of those people i keep hearing about who are so gorgeous and stylish, but don't know it? but i think we're all trying to come around to accepting all those little things about ourselves as part of the whole awesome package. :)