Thursday, December 29, 2011

day three, just when you thought i forgot...

 day three was filled with sleeping as our late night meatballs kept us out for two days technically.  i was bound and determined to eat at the clinton street bakery this day and have blueberry pancakes.  determined.  it started off by some wrong subway stops on my part, and then the lazy afternoon got the better of us. we couldn't hail a cab if our lives depended on it and so, we decided that a cuban sandwich and corn elote was just what we needed.  this meal took us thru the most quaint parts of SOHO.  it was full of street fairs and beautiful shops. the walk would have been better with full bellies, BUT the first bite was worth it.  i have never had corn like that.  i don't know what kind of corn they used but it was meaty and had such a deep flavor. the cuban sandwich was other planet fall apart in your mouth.  as you can see below, we opted for the walk up window at cafe habana as the wait in the shop was crazy.  we found ourselves a small bench and made enough nummy noises to turn your cheeks red. oh.momma. don't miss this place. it was so so amazing.  shout out to my friend erin who insisted that we go here.

 i never wondered one spec about it until i saw it.  where do you get gas in the big apple?  everyone goes here apparently.  it was the only gas station i saw in the heart of the city.
 this was at a lego shop at the rock.  every little round pod was filled with a different color of lego.  easton would have wet hit pants on upon entry.
this iconic figure is so pretty at night!

 right outside of the lego shop we saw this beautiful lettuce.  like i took 50 pictures pretty.  i instantly thought of emily ballard.  maybe sonora grill could have this as a plant stand outside the restaurant in the summer eh?

while riding on the subway uptown, there was an older woman and her niece that kept pointing and whispering.  they finally approached me and told me i looked like julianna margulies.  being a proud ER viewer for years, i was highly complimented, and then highly humored.  she has some nappy curly hair. this further supports my claim of my hair getting bigger and bigger with each passing hour in this humidity hubble.  the cute pair pointed us in the direction of the american doll store.  after the lettuce watching, we headed over to the doll store and fell in love.  it was story upon story of every doll detail you could imagine.  angela was in heaven and talked mindy into buying a doll for her daughter.  it was so fun.this day was our most mild in the city.  the walk thru soho was my favorite and that food.  the corn and sandwich top my to do again before i die list.

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erin said...

thank you for feeding my soul, heidi. mercy... viva cafe habana. and glad you saved some clinton street pancake insanity for your next trip, as if you needed a reason to go back.