Monday, February 7, 2011


(ella's discovery of the 12-18 month pile of boy clothes. apparently i made a mistake, she tells me. these are her summer oberalls mom. yes dear)

ella says to me: mom, we shouldn't pee on new couches, right?

me: that's why mom and dad got the 7 year protection plan honey, go potty ella.

wailing and gnashing of teeth insert here.

i will never, ever in this lifetime figure ella out. the older two, i know exactly how to talk with them, convince them, bribe them, whatever. ella, not a chance. which is why i have had white knuckles for 4 years and 4 months.

yesterday in church, well, back up here. before we get to church it took world war 3 to get her out of the house. she finally left with a summer dress that was too short and a sweater to cover her sleeveless arms, hence the winter season upon us. it took the jaws of life to pry her from scott's leg and get her to go to primary.

once she found me in sacrament meeting it was like being on a spit over a fire, slowly roasting. she was hot, hot, hot, hot. sweater comes off revealing the winner of WW3. then, the cough starts. oh her poor cough. she STILL has severe reflux. as in the doctor has said it is rare to see a case as severe as hers reflux. bless my soul. this is also rowans case. anyway, it causes a most annoying cough. more like a gag, ears stinging, who is making that noise cough. something akin to an animal attacking dinner. of course i quietly ask her to cover her mouth, this only spurs on her need to defy and cough more. and a holler to my ward members, would you please start pinching your neighbors in sacrament meeting, it is way TOO QUIET! at one point i am holding her jaw from coughing as there was a real sweet moment over the pulpit that has everyone weeping and a pin drop would've interrupted it.

her boice (voice).

even her school teachers have commented on it. it's loud and sassy. it has just the right pitch that when the on switch is on, oh murder. i was shushing her all thru sacrament when she finally yells, stop shushing me mom!!!!!!

when she started taking her tights and undies off in the isle, i decided it was time to go out. i've never had to punish a 4 year old for indecent exposure, especially in a house of worship. did i mention the stake president was about 4 rows away. like this should matter, but somehow when you can see your child's bum cheek in the lord's house, it does tend to turn your cheeks to a right nice shade of crimson.

i so love her, fiercely. she needs me the most as we figure out how to go along in life. my prayers at night concerning her usually produce the most tears and earnestness. i don't want her to change, no. i want her to be the best she can be, in turn making me a little better. knocking off my rough edges. she's knocking something off of me, that's for sure. her personality holds so much of life and i feel happy to be apart of it, as long as no bum cheeks are involved inappropriately;)


Deanna said...

Oh Heidi! Everything you express about dear Ella is exactly how I feel about my Lawson. I tell Todd all the time that after 6 1/2 years, I still have NO IDEA how to handle this kid. I can figure things out that work with the other two, but not that one. And oh, the tearful prayers of pleading for understanding and wisdom! I personally believe that I will earn my entire mansion in heaven from just surviving raising this boy to adulthood :-)

Oh, and thanks for the smile you brought with Ella's sacrament meeting performance. You know, somehow it's always a lot funnier when it's someone else's kid . . .

Natalie Ropelato said...

Lol, Heidi, I miss you sitting by us in sacrament. :) This makes me laugh because on our side of the chapel, I didn't hear a thing, and had no idea we had a little strip show (lol) going on. :) We love Ella, she is spunky but you will be greatful for that when she gets older because she wont cave in to peer pressure. She's a tough little cookie :)

emily ballard said...

oh, dear. that was funny. too bad we aren't in your ward. . . we are good and loud. . . and generally clothed :)

Unknown said...

Oh I laughed. And remembered my own budding nudist at that age. I couldn't keep her clothes on her. I don't remember her getting indecent at church tho.

Wonderful blog. You made me and my husband smile.

winandem said...

Bahaha, Isabelle and her are going to get along really well in the coming years... you wait- they are clearly cut from the same genetic cloth. I spent Sunday trying to pin Isabelle to her seat. I think that she is a twin to remind me that I parented them both the same, at the same time, yet Isabelle's unique spirit will run free no matter what I do!