Thursday, January 20, 2011


mom, another one? seriously....

me: ella, rowan probably got a good look at your dental hygiene the first 1,254,678 times you thrust it upon him, dear. let's keep our saliva in the proper place.

ella: i'm dust sowin him what tees look like mom.

this is the milk intoxication look. he is drunk after the "nursies" as ella says.

this perfectly renders my baby's life. ella's schedule includes the mauling of a smallish, slightly chubbed out baby.

one friday night i found myself alone with 4, FOUR, ahem, children. my husband found himself at work late in the operating room. so i found some styling spritz, and fancied my fella up.

alfalfa if you please. and for the record, he looks exactly like my brother vaughn in this one. and well, vaughn is the male version of myself.

beiber fever at our house, thought some tween motha would appreciate this one.

you ain't nothin but a hound dog....

rowe's honest opinion of the situation ;)

bath time. love my nekked baby after baths. being a winter baby i don't get near enough skin loving time with the bebe. soon enough.


Deanna said...

You are too funny! Someday that little boy is going to take revenge on you for using his head as beauty shop practice :-) And for the record, that little boy has at least double the amount of hair that our poor little Camilla has at a year and a half! Can he send some her way?

Natalie Ropelato said...

He is such a cutie!!!

Tammy said...

Oh Heidi! How I love your little guy! His elvis do is my fav. So cute.