Thursday, March 11, 2010


guinea pig. the last watering and feeding of our bella was missed yesterday. in keeping in line with the parenting with love and logic concepts, this yellow lover of oranges is yours if you'd like.

poor grayce lou. has to learn sometime, right?

free food, cage, house cover, transporter, water bottle,cage liner, ball dealio, and even some oranges.

yellow fur, name is bella, squeaks when she eats, once a week cage cleaning required. little kids get a kick out of her, she is a runner and darter in her cage. oh, and the "she" business. that cannot be confirmed or denied. i just might not suggest mixing with another one unless you were hip on babies.



The Ballard's said...

I am tempted... If you still have her after Gretchen & return from Primary's on Tuesday, I may take you up on it. I always feel so very bad when she has to have a catheter.

j. said...

oh my goodness. made me feel bad for grayce and laugh so hard (and honestly, not even in that order).

Gardiner said...

I'm leary of love and logic consequences. I've learned it sounds good on the surface, but ultimately ends up being a master manipulation system. The emphasis is always on the consequences (most often negative), rather than on helping our children feel successful and empowered. Just a question... have you had a conversation with Grace where you set up a system to try and help her KEEP the pet (not just threatening her that she'll lose it if she doesn't do what you want her to) ? Asking questions like, what can we do to help you remember to feed the pig? Or have you rewarded her for the times she has remembered to feed the pig or the good care she has already taken care of the pig. I don't know... I've just learned that love and logic seems to jump on our kids by "teaching them a lesson" every time they make a mistake or screw up. it sets up an "us-against-you" scenario. Instead, My husband is good at coming up with something that allows for win-win situations... Think Steven Covey. I know, I know, I'm on a soap box here, but I've made enough of those mistakes already in the name of Love and Logic that I hate to see other parents do the same things I wish I could go back and change. Basically, we need to teach our kids to believe in themselves and feel successful rather than feel like they failed and screwed up. Remember, they are just kids, and sometimes feeding a guinea pig is boring. I would ask her, do you really want this pig? What are you willing to do to keep it? What things can we do to help you keep it? If she doesn't actually want the pig, then that's a different story. Give it away in a heart beat!