Friday, January 15, 2010

white subway tile for sale

when we took on this house building project there were certain absolutes.

subway tile was one of them. it was outrageuosly priced in my local area so i took to the www.

i was pleased to find a great price if we bought 1440 sq feet. it was cheaper that paying full price around town (not to mention it was back ordered for 5 months around town) but i only needed 350 sq feet.

so we find ourselves with incredible amounts of leftovers but it was worth saving money.

so here is our ad (click here). if you are interested in buying some subway tile, we are here for you ;)

here are some pictures of how i obsessively used it also.

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Yes! I am interested! This is Emily Ballard's sister. We are remodeling an old movie theater....I am bad when it comes to measurements, but I will see how much we need and if you have enough for our bathroom reno's. Awesome!