Thursday, September 10, 2009


to this wonderful place. it has been really great to finally be in our new house. we have waited forever to be settled. it is funny how once all of the distractions fizzle life seems to slow down a bit. we had a few months this summer where every day was a new tragedy to figure out how to deal with.

s.mac started his new job and is officially addicted to neuro surgery. he comes home so happy as his hands have been working all day in someones back and brain. he is loving a 4 day a week surgery schedule, really loving it. although his neck has needed some rubbing as he is constantly looking thru the microscope.

our little rocky dog has found happiness 3 doors down as the 2 littlest ones have been on constant albuterol and inhalers since his arrival. our 9 year seach for the perfect dog ended tragically as his hypoallergenic"ness" hasn't proven true at this house. i swear, hold my kids up to a dog and if they can take it you would find a real hypoallergenic dog. luckily we found a great dog that found himself with a waiting list of families to go to. the first one on the list took him and we are hoping they love his great nature as much as we did. the kids have gone to visit him often and are coping with the loss well. still it is sad to know that we won't be a dog family. there are so many benefits to dog loving.

i have to admit to much loneliness as the two oldest are in school. hella and i are getting used to the quiet house for a few hours each day. i have had to stock up on some books and do the same for her. we bought her first set of KUMON the other day and are excited to start that.

we are not quite moved in yet. we needed a mandatory break from crazy, thus no computer service quite yet. it has been crazy to be without computer and tv for almost 6 weeks now and then almost a great vacation. the house has seen so much garden produce pass thru it. last night the red head and i pureed 2 gallons of tomatoes and there is a bushel of peaches waiting to be placed.

my favorite thing so far has been the windows. we are so sad to think they might ever need shutters you know? the views can't be beat. canyon and mountain views thru every window. one of the funny parts about being the lone house in the cul de sac is seeing prospective buyers come thru. every night more cars and then the next night maybe the same people coming thru. we have one family right now with a mirror family like ours. they are looking directly across the street or right next door. how lucky would we be to get some kids next to us. i have had to keep my house tidy as our door seems to be ringing constantly with curious folks. some come to tell us they love the design, others come because they have heard about that kitchen of ours. one such spectator came thru the other night because of the tales she heard of our kitchen. she was a rocky mountain girl wanting stained wood and cupboards adorning every square inch of the walls. i think my non conventional kitchen horrified her as she couldn't even lie about liking it. she just stared in possible horror. suddenly i felt the need to tell her of my funky likings and how i kept saying to myself, what would ina or giada do as i designed it. she just sat with her jaw on the ground.

that said.

i love our house. i love every crazy ceiling line, every willy wonka closet, and every memory we make there. last night i was reading the oldest kids a chapter from where the red fern grows. i loved watching bud "e" listen intently with his eyes so focused on every word telling the tale of big dan and little ann. i love this little space we have to hold our memories we are making as a family!


Justin, Kalee, Jackson, Ava and Gabriella Peacock said...

I am in love with your house too! What dream come true!:) You deserve it!

Coty said...

there's no place like home.

Bill McFarlane said...

mom says,
I'm proud of you for being you and not going with every trend the wind blows your way. Your house already feels like there's been 100 years of love in it!!!! who could want anything more than that for their family. I LOVE IT and am glad you're not a "COOKIE CUTTER" daughter. You're the gretest, Heidi!! Love you. Mom said...

We drove by your house a few days ago and it's beautiful. I would love to come the see the inside. I am glad that you don't care what others think-people can be so rude. I love when people do what they love and don't conform.

taleesedeis said...

i love your house but I love your rocky dog more. He has found his way deep into my heart after only 10 days. Our whole family can't get enough of him. Thank you for doing all of the dirty work a new puppy holds and then for passing him on to us all nice and well behaved. We will love him forever and know that our doors are always open. Thanks again
PS we don't need to wait 2 weeks, we are sure!

Lisa said...


keep on the lookout. I've got raspberries galore at my house and Razzleberry Pie is the post I'm shooting for. It makes 5-6 pies at a time, but oh my heck, it is lovely to have them waiting for you in the freezer. It will probably be in a couple of weeks. Plenty of time for Thanksgiving. Hey your new home is beautiful. I love all the inside details. The bathroom tile is fabulous, and the kitchen is awesome!! Way to go Mckay's!!