Saturday, August 1, 2009

being peed on

happened to me this day that i had strictly declared to be a mandatory lazy day. now, nowhere in the rule book does it clarify if being peed on ruins a mandatory lazy day, but i will say that i am on the verge of declaring that a distinct possibility. we have been sailing thru the potty training of mom really. i mean, it only adds another iron in the fire to train a small human whose "holding" muscle is really not medically capably strong to "hold it" thru tricky situations. really, mom's in fact learn to know when it is time to sit the child on the throne and cheer lead them into releasing "it". ella is quite taken with the process, wanting to be very involved in the audience of her performance, seeing everything. did i tell you my gag has been weak lately? maybe a puppy and a toddler to train altogether didn't exemplify my best sanity skills. but yes, a very weak gag from this motha. you would think after almost 8 years of mothering my own children this recent venture wouldn't bother me, but oh my friend, the tales i could tell of the gag this week.

on another note, we are moving this week. i mean it. we are.

we were going to move this weekend but then the gas company had to get involved with the leak and all. i just thought someone was having a 24 hour grilling party going on. but indeed no. a leak at our house of gas, all over. took the poor souls nearly 24 hours to restore the house back to normal. i cried when i saw my pretty house covered in yellow do not enter tape, cried a river. but i would much rather yellow tape then the stubble of black mess that could have been left in the wake of a gas leak. yes, yellow tape please.

i am barely hanging on thru this process i tell you. today, it was pajamas all day. it encouraged my red headed husband to get better. he is running a fever and coughing himself into next year. he has been running too hard for too long and it finally caught up with him. he is on bed rest i told him and the 48,965,356 people who have called needing him this weekend. he will not worship tomorrow, he'll not hang mirrors at the new house - no. none of it. he will lay in bed. now,

when i am lazy. i try real hard to live it up. not showering until night, maybe skip a tooth brushing to make it feel festive. my red head lays in bed, showered at the crack of dawn in a polo shirt. he was up early helping at the church with something or the other. he snuck out before i could grab his shirt tails begging him to be lazy. i had to sleep on the couch last night as his dr. ordered him to take some horrendous medicine causing the most atrocious smells to come from that nice husband of mine. every time i went in there i had to wear a mask and fumigate the area. poor lad. poor, poor lad. but i tell you, it could be sticky moving by myself. so i prefer a healthy moving mate. yes, indeed. all his favorite treats were fetched at the store last night to help him have something to look forward to in the midst of his laziness. wish us luck.....


Deanna said...

Oh, I hope s.mac gets healthy soon and that things go well with your move! We'll be praying for you and are so excited for you guys to be in your fabulous new house!!

kate said...

sounds like both you and your hubs deserve a major lazy day. sorry about the pee. i feel your pain! and good luck with the move.

Brooke said...

your mom told me about the gas leaking.......i am so sorry. I am just glad that no one was hurt nor your pretty new house. Good luck with the move.

Paige M. said...

i love you mommy.


(yes this is grayce on paige's account.)